Tik Tok Duets-Like ‘remix’ Tool Available on Snapchat Stories

One of the difficulties that some potential TikTok competitors have encountered is that they frequently do not have the same comprehensive range of content creation tools, such as filters, effects, and tools for using other people’s content, like TikTok’s Duet and Stitch.

However, it currently seems that Snapchat is attempting to address that latter issue as it has been seen developing “Remix,” a feature that is similar to TikTok Duets and intended for replying to Snaps. Users will be able to “remix” their friends’ Snaps using this function to produce new content.

Tik Tok Duets-Like 'remix' Tool Available on Snapchat Stories

Users will initially be able to remix a Snap to respond to a friend’s tale. Similar to a TikTok Duet, you can accomplish this by simultaneously recording your own Snap and the original while it plays.

The function, which Snap confirmed has begun external testing, comes after Instagram’s open beta of service with the same name and a focus on Reels content called “Remix.” (As a preliminary step, it had also tested a version for Stories.)

Tik Tok Duets-Like 'remix' Tool Available on Snapchat Stories

When it comes to Instagram, the business notes that Remix enables anyone to make an Instagram Reel that features both your video and theirs playing simultaneously. This is effectively Instagram’s version of TikTok Duets, a feature that is frequently utilized to engage with the content created by other TikTok users.

Users of TikTok can perform alongside another user’s video in Duets; they can also cook another user’s dish; record response videos; and promote videos from lesser-known creators, among other things. It’s essential to how TikTok functions as a social network as opposed to merely a website for more passive video consumption.

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Tik Tok Duets-Like 'remix' Tool Available on Snapchat Stories

In addition to the left-right style, TikTok said last fall that it will also be adding a new top-bottom layout, a unique “react” version, and a three-screen configuration for Duets. Snap now seems to be considering several of those same Duet forms in addition to others.

Users of Snapchat‘s Remix function are given a screen where they may select from different formats for merging Snaps, such as side-by-side and top-and-bottom, as well as others like where the material is overlaid or where you could react to a Snap.

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