New Cryptocurrency SafeTitan Moves ICO to August

Safetitan, the new cryptocoin or ‘coming crypto coin’ some might say,  will not not have an ICO in July anymore. The official initial coin offering has been moved back to improve security.    The new ICO  for the STTN token will be Saturday, August 14th. 
“SafeTitan’s recent review of registrations and traffic indicate over 67,500 should try to register for our ICO in the next few weeks. This, of course, comes with our scaling up of marketing.” 

This was the message tweeted by the BEP-20token brand yesterday. The estimates seem modest compared to most CoinMarketCap listed ICOs.

5 of 6 May Be Blocked From ICO Registration

However, the limitations on how many people can register for the initial coin offering are a bit staggering.
Monday’s SafeTitan tweet read “Only the first 10,000 to register and fully verify their account, will be allowed to make a purchase during our ICO on August 14th (Saturday; EST).”
This means just a nudge under 5 out of every 6 people aiming to buy STTN cryptocoins during the initial coin offering, will be out of luck.  These coin-seekers will have to wait until the BNB-linked token reaches a DEX like Pancake Swap.    
And the price will likely be higher than the ICO’ .005-cents.
Further tweets made it clear ICO participants will have to purchase $50minimum of STTN to become a HODLER.     Alo, registrants cannot start ‘whaling’ on the situation.   Attempted “Crypto Whales” only looking to pull-a-rug, will find there’s a $1,000 (USD) maximum limit.
SafeTitan will be priced at half-a-penny (.005) for it’s Initial Coin Offering on August 14th.  Follow their twitter and Facebook for the latest updates if planning to invest.
ICO Registration and purchasing will be done via the SafeTitan ICO app, available on the token’s official website.

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