What to Look for When Buying a Villa in Dubai?

Villas in Dubai are known to offer an exclusive lifestyle. The best feature about them, without any doubt, is the bigger, spacious rooms that residents get to live in. Furthermore, there’s an added benefit of having sole authority over amenities and facilities. Unlike apartments, you don’t have to share them with others. Villas are also preferred by those who wish to have a private lifestyle. There’s no fear of being watched by your neighbours as these dwellings are standalone, detached units surrounded by open spaces.
When it comes to buying a villa in Dubai, the choices are abundant for buyers, so much that they can easily become overwhelmed. These units are available in different layouts, designs, and sizes. To make the entire process easy for you, we have come up with a list of important factors that you must take into account when buying a villa in Dubai.
Take a look at them:

Pay Attention to the Location

First of all, it’s the location of the villa that needs your attention. An ideal pick will be an area that features waterfront properties so that you can enjoy stunning views right from your home. However, these properties come with an expensive price tag.
If waterfront property isn’t your choice, you can choose from many golf communities Dubai nestles. Most villas in these communities overlook a golf course. This adds a much-needed element of freshness and serenity to these properties.
Apart from the views, there are numerous other things you should look at in the location. These include the distance from your workplace, upcoming developments, proximity to key areas and landmarks, and nearby facilities.
Design and Structure
Villas in Dubai are available in different designs vis-à-vis their structure. Some are constructed as per the traditional Arabic style, while others boast a modern design. The selection purely depends on your preferences.
Other than that, decide the configuration of the villa beforehand. You will easily find villas having 3, 4, 5 and even 6 bedrooms in the emirate. Take into account your family requirements and, of course, the budget when making this selection.
The Budget
This brings us to our next point. It goes without saying that the budget plays a vital role when purchasing any type of property. And when it comes to villas, you would need huge capital since these dwellings tend to be expensive of all.
Having said that, the rates majorly depend on the location of the property and the area it covers. Furthermore, the number of rooms, architectural designs, amenities and facilities available are other important factors determining the total price. Taking into account all these aspects will help you set a budget for your new home.
There’s also an option to buy off-plan villas. These units are not fully developed yet. Therefore, they are only suitable for those who are willing to wait for a few years before settling in their abode. The biggest advantage of buying an off-plan villa is that they are available at comparatively lower rates. Also, the choices for these villas are abundant as well with the emergence of new residential developments, such as Stella Maris Tower across the emirate.
If you intend to go the mortgage way, explore different options before finalising one. Also, you must have your paperwork ready. This will speed up the entire process.
Amenities and Facilities
The premium lifestyle villa residents get to enjoy is majorly due to the abundant amenities and facilities they have at their disposal. This, apart from the exclusivity factor, is one of the major reason that a lot of buyers prefer villas over apartments.
So, make sure the selected villa has every amenity you wish to have. Most common facilities that villas come with include a swimming pool, terrace, lawn, spacious and bigger rooms, parking space, etc. In some villas, there can be additional rooms for house help and storage as well. This, however, depends on the size of the villa.
A Final Word
In a nutshell, the fact that villas in Dubai offer an exemplary lifestyle, full of luxuries and conveniences, cannot be denied. However, a wrong decision made in this regard can haunt you for life. So, take all the above-discussed factors into consideration and make an informed decision.

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