9 Winning Ways to Observe a Work Anniversary

So many things are temporary these days. When an employee reaches an anniversary milestone, it’s something to be celebrated! Whether it’s one year with the company, five, ten or twenty, each year is an opportunity to shower them with gratitude. Creating an atmosphere of positivity and appreciativeness boosts employee morale and fosters a healthy workplace environment.

Award Them with a Day Off

Playing hooky and getting paid for it? Rewarding your employee with a much-deserved day off will promote a sense of caring and consideration. More and more companies are recognizing the value of balancing personal and professional life. What better way to do it then by saying, “Hey, go spend your special day doing whatever you like – on us!”

Surprise Them with a Desk Explosion

Workdays can be pretty hum drum. They can feel monotonous and rather like you’re doing the same thing repeatedly. As a manager, coworker, or HR rep, imagine the employee’s surprise if you orchestrate a desk explosion! A desk explosion is something like a bomb going off, but in a good way.  It’s an explosion of cards, balloons, candies, favorite snack bags, thank you cards, and all the other mementoes that convey gratitude and appreciation.

Honor Them with Gift Cards

A token of recognition that will be sure to get them smiling, is to present them with gift cards from one of the many online shops that offer numerous cards of every kind. You may be aware of what is important to your employee, their hobbies, interests, and personal goals. Take that bit of knowledge and choose a gift card that best suits them!

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Celebrate Their Achievement with an Office or Desk Upgrade

Everyone wants the office with a window – that room with a view. But there are certainly other things you can do to give your loyal employee the recognition they deserve.  Swapping out their old work desk for a bigger, higher quality one, or even giving their office a fresh coat of paint, added textiles and lighting to soften the environment is an excellent and tangible thank you gift.

Give to the Charity of Their Choosing

Being a part of a company for many years is a lot like belonging to a community. Communities thrive on volunteerism, donations, and active participation in renewal. Ask the employee what cause they most support and make a sizable donation to it in their name.

Offer Them the Best Parking Spot

Many companies secure the closest and best parking spots for their top executives. This, of course, is a luxury that they’ve earned and likely have come to expect. Even if your work anniversary employee is not a top executive, you can temporarily reserve a parking space that is in line with the other top spots for a definitive amount of time.

Put them in the Limelight

After years of service, the employee likely has countless photos and a number of achievements under their belt. Ask other employees to gather their own fond memories to post either in the company bulletin, or newsletter to create a spotlight for them on a bulletin board. Add balloons and streamers for an exceptional anniversary treat!

Give them a Promotion

Nothing says thank you for your service like a promotion. If the employee is already in line to be promoted, announce it on their work anniversary. This creates a sense of motivation for all of the employees and motivates them to continue their hard work in the company.

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Capture their Adventure through Work

It’s a keepsake the employee will cherish forever, a video and pictorial recognition of their time at the company. Ask other employees what they have in terms of pictures and videos, and piece them all together using a videography program and voila – you have an instant classic that will exude appreciation and gratitude for their many years of service!

Hire a Limo for their Ride to Work

What’s better than making that long, stressful, road rage filled commute to work? Why, anything, of course! Imagine their surprise when you arrange to have them picked up from their home on the day of their work anniversary by a limo or other type of ‘hot’ car.  A Bentley, Lamborghini or even a muscle car like a Dodge Charger might be a special experience to mark this occasion. It’s easy to find a luxury car rental service that can help you with all of the details. A fabulous ride is sure to be an experience that will seriously move them!
Whatever it is that you choose to do for the employee’s special work anniversary, remember that it’s the thought behind all of these ideas that counts.  Your employee will realize that they are coveted and valued members of the company, which will gratify them and inspire others to strive for the same.

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