Multi Talented Kamibekami Pegs Global Recognition As A Musician

Kambiz Noorollahi, born on September 7, 1988 in Tehran, Iran, better known by his stage name Kamibekami, is a Singer, Songwriter, musician, composer and music producer.  

He has made his footprints in the global realm of entertainment for hit music, performance at various music festivals and as professional composer. He is an international celebrity, public figure, singer and DJ.

Starting to work from 2006, Kamibekami is known as the creator of visual music. The specialty of his music is that he plays with the human mind and lyrics of his songs always contain hidden messages that particularly attract a vast number of audiences.

Fond of music right from his childhood, Kamibekami learnt music from professional and experienced teachers which acted in a major way in the perfection of music that he rendered. That is why his music is viewed globally as perfect and in sync with what the audience demands.

This made him massively popular among his audience which finally led him to attain celebrity status in the field of music. Today, the very name Kamibekami makes a ripple among the audience spread all over the world.

This helped him to carve out an enviable space for himself in the international musical field. It made him a public figure with a large number of fan followers who regularly follow him in different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kamibekami released several musical albums and singles ith “Master of the Universe” being most popular. This album has six unique tracks which are Hybrid, White Dream, This is Energy, Free Zone, If All The Above and Celectic Age.

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These numbers became globally famous for their newness and energy blended with strong instrumental intonations and subtle meanings of lyrics which expressed human feelings over various issues in their right perspective. 

Kamibekami has most successfully developed his own musical genre in which instruments play a dominant role. He is known for producing songs with a strong presence of instrumental music with House and Trance genres.

A singer who has been internationally acknowledged as one weaving magic through his songs, his creations are signatures for portraying human emotion, their joys and sorrows and depicting life in its various forms. These particular features of his songs made him globally famous, and established him as a celebrity.

No wonder, Kamibekami has been globally acclaimed for his such creations with extraordinary musical tracks including the singles like Hybrid (2020), Rain Drops (2006), White Dream (2019), Masters of the Universe (2020).

These musical creations, all marked departure from the traditional ones, played a major role in making Kamibekami a global public figure. This can be understood from the fact that his large number of followers are always ready for the announcement from him for his next number or single.

Here, their eagerness to enjoy the next or upcoming musical number is very clearly seen. His fan followers also post regular demands for his musical numbers while interacting with him through the different social media networks. It proves his global public status.

Kamibekami is also known for creating euphoria through his numbers. What really is worth mentioning is the fact that people of all ages like his numbers: both young and old. Besides, the fan followers who cut across geographic barriers and spread all over the world proves his international status as an artist.

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He is best known for creating magical effects through his songs and stage performances thus widening his creative aura internationally. Today, he is one of the most sought after musicians of the world.

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