How to Recall Email Message in Outlook and Gmail

Microsoft Outlook’s ability to retrieve a previously sent email is a handy tool for keeping in touch with friends and family. Find below detailed instructions for retrieving deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook.

With this strategy, you can cancel an email before it’s sent and send a fresh one instead. Any Outlook user worth their salt would have mastered the art of message retention. In this article, you’ll learn how to recall an email in Outlook and get some advice on how to avoid ever having to do so.
When can I go back and delete an Outlook email?

In order to retrieve an email, both you and the recipient must be using Outlook and a Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 email account at the same organisation. If the receiver hasn’t checked their mailbox yet, you can’t recall the email. Tools like spam filters and add-ons should not alter the sent message.

How to Find an Old Message in Outlook

recall email outlook

Discovering the Email

It may be possible to move the email from the Outbox to the Drafts folder or delete it if it was sent lately. Select the “Sent Items” folder on the left side of the window. In the folder’s order of contents, the relevant email should come first. Check that you have used the proper email address.

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Reviewing the Email’s Contents

Select it by going to the “Message” menu item. To access additional moving options, click the envelope and letter icon located in the “Move” menu. There will be a pull-down menu with a “Recall This Message” option. In addition, you can access “Recall This Message” by going to the “Messages” tab, then scrolling down to the icon with three dots, pressing “Actions,” and finally selecting “Recall This Message.”

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 remove This Message from All Inboxes Where It Has Not Been Read or Restored with A New Message

Occasionally, a message box will appear on your screen with the options “Delete Unread Copies of This Message” or “Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message.” The button you find most helpful is the one you should click. If Outlook deletes an email from a user’s inbox, it may notify the receiver. Outlook also gives you the ability to notify people whether the recall operation is successful.

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Creating and Releasing Fresh Mail (optional)

recall email outlook

It’s possible that Outlook may launch a new window in which the old message can be deleted or revised. The original email can be edited to correct typos or missing attachments. When you are finished writing the new message, choose the “Send” option and click it.

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Methods for Proofreading Your Emails

A person might go back over their email and look for any mistakes they may have made while typing. They can verify that the email is going to the appropriate person by checking the address twice. One of Outlook’s features is the ability to delay the sending of an email. This enables the sender to recheck an email for errors before unilaterally deciding to delete or edit it without alerting the recipient. Retrieving an email from Outlook will be quicker as a result.

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