Best Razer Keyboards 2022: All the Brand’s Top Gaming Decks

The best Razer keyboards not only provide one of the most comfortable and dependable PC gaming experiences currently available, but they also add a touch of the brand’s legendary style to your setup. Unfortunately, the inclusion of the Razer logo on these decks can result in a significant price increase.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best. Here, we’ve compiled Razer keyboards that cover a wide variety of prices to reassure you that you’ll receive a good deal no matter how much money you have to spend.

A wide variety of sizes and styles are available for these decks, from those with elaborate control panels to those with only the bare essentials. Here, we compile our absolute favourite boards and rate them from best to worst based on pricing, performance, and value.

There is good justification for the widespread consensus that Razer manufactures some of the finest gaming keyboards available today. These decks come in a variety of designs and systems, and they all have a responsive, high-quality feel. Membrane decks, even the cheapest ones, have a stellar reputation for durability and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for beginners and those constructing expensive setups on a tight budget.

We’ve tested and used many different Razer keyboards and have compiled a list of the best ones below. In addition to the finest examples of their kind, we have also highlighted some of our favourite products from throughout the price spectrum.

The Top-Rated Razer Keyboards for Gamers

razer keyboard
Razer’s Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard is shaped like a controller’s thumbsticks, making its keys feel familiar to gamers. Each key’s actuation point is adjustable, allowing you to change the key’s behaviour based on how hard you press it. To be able to exert more force on a key and so accelerate our movement or increase our precision is, in our opinion, a major breakthrough.

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Our testing revealed that both Watch Dogs: Legion and Elite: Dangerous benefited greatly from this handy addition. With the help of the variable actuation rate, we were able to cruise safely around asteroids while making fine-tuned course corrections. Once we got it up and running, it really changed the game. Getting the most out of the switches requires a lot of tweaking.

In some titles, for instance, we were able to fool the game into thinking we were using a full controller by assigning the thumbstick controls to WASD. Because of this, some commands were being improperly assigned to buttons that didn’t exist. Even if issue was resolved by resuming work in the Synapse programme, it should be noted that this is not a simple plug-and-play setup.

In any case, the WASD keys on his Razer keyboard are perfectly tailored to our needs as a first-person shooter, racing, and flight-simulator players. We wouldn’t call it a requirement, but once you’ve used a special deck for a while, it’s tough to go back to the standard one.

Although this is the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog’s most distinguishing feature, it still has a lot of power beneath the hood. While the optical switches provide lightning-fast responsiveness, the mechanical click feel is still there on the Razer. There are also USB passthrough, a magnetic wrist rest made of sumptuous leatherette, and a set of media-specific keys and a dial.

The Razer Cynosa V2 is one of the few Razer keyboards that doesn’t break the bank while yet providing a premium typing experience. It’s not only one of the most cost-effective decks from that manufacturer, but also one of the least expensive ones that still performs effectively. It has a suggested retail price of $59.99/£59.99, yet we routinely find it for less than $50/£50.

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These rubber dome switches are less expensive than other options, yet the Cynosa’s implementation keeps them feeling tactile and responsive. Using a non-mechanical deck also means you can continue to type in peace. However, it must be admitted that we did find a few squeaky keys throughout our testing. The occasional ting noise isn’t a dealbreaker and isn’t there all the time, but it can get old after a while if it happens too often.

razer keyboard

More so than with most low-cost gaming keyboards, we were still able to hit the ground running across the board in terms of actuation speed and response. Plus, you’ll have access to a full complement of RGB LEDs and specialised media controls.

There are a lot of similarities between the Razer Cynosa and Ornata lines, the latter of which is the second budget offering from the company. Compared to the Ornata’s hybrid switches, media dial, and included wrist rest, the Cynosa’s price won’t go over $50. So, while the Ornata may have a few more niche features, the Cynosa V2 range provides a superior value experience for consumers shopping on a tighter budget.

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