Know More About Sample Pad Strip Cutter

There are rare industries that are putting efforts to provide essentials for women and if you’re someone who’s looking forward to buying a pad strip cutter then this post can be very helpful for you to know more about sample pad strip cutters. The pad strip cutters are used to cut different types of raw materials such as polyester, fibre, conjugate pad and Blood divergence membranes. It is used to cut 318 mm raw materials. It is also used in hospitality for different tests and it plays an important role in immunochromatography.
The Machine weighs 35 kg which gives a speed of 230-260 strips per minute. The material width will be 0.318mm. Also, it comes up with manageable controls and comes up with a size of 520*480*230mm.
You can easily change the size and speed of the machine. The best thing about this machine is you don’t need to waste manpower, the machine takes care of the count and inspection.  Lateral flow immunoassays (LFIAs) have wide application in point-of-care testing, particularly in resource-poor settings

What is a sample pad strip cutter?

A sample pad strip cutter is used to cut raw materials like polyester, fibre, conjugate pad and Blood separation membranes. The pad strip cutter is used to cut up the raw materials and also play an important role in hospitality. The machine helps you to get the perfect size and shape for the strip. The cutting blades are easy to use and they can be changed and replaced easily. You get a counting function and other features using a strip cutter.
Also, the cutter gives a proper shape and size to your sheets and comes up with proper control. A sample pad cutter is used to cut up the strips and it is used to carry out Antibodies tests and other tests as well. If you’re into the work of cutting raw materials then this machine can be beneficial for you. These machines are made for strip cutting and you can also cut other raw materials which play an important role in Immunochromatography products. Pad making and other essential works can be handled using the Machine. The Machine takes up a small space and fills your needs for strip cutting. It saves your time and you don’t need manpower for the work.

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What benefits do you get?

If you’re in the industry working to cut outstrips then this machine can be time-consuming and you can invest your time in some other work. 

The benefits you get: 

  • Easy use pad cutting machine
  • An easy change in speed and width
  • Adjust and remove blade easily
  • You don’t need to count; the machine will do it for you.

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