IObit Screen Recorder Review

Some time back, it seemed impossible to record the happenings on ours device’s screens.  The only way to do this was by holding a camera in front of the screen and take shots of your activities. This is no longer the case as we have programs that can perform this task.
One of the best programs to rely on for this function is the IObit screen recorder. It comes with plenty of features that assure you of an excellent moment when using it. We will take you through a review of this free screen recorder to give you a hint of how it works.

Introduction to IObit Screen Recorder

The screen recorder is part of the many tools under the IObit banner. Other IObit tools include a software updater and MacBooster, among many more. The screen recorder comes with many features and resources that we will look at to see how great it is.

Features of IObit Screen Recorder

It Is Freeware
One of the critical aspects of this software is that it is free for use. When you want to download it to your device, you won’t pay for anything.  It is hard to get a free program that works as good as this one.

A Lightweight Program

Another thing to love about IObit screen recorder is that it is lightweight. A lightweight program downloads fast and will not take much of your device’s storage. It does not require complicated operating software and associated specs for it to function.

Supported Operating Systems

Talking about operating software, a thing to know about this screen recorder is that it is exclusive to Windows operating systems. It is compatible with both older and newer versions, which is a hint at its versatility. Among the supported versions include Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

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The Online Recorder

In case you do not have a Windows device, you can rely on the online recorder. The online recorder is an online tool and it is also free to use. When on the recording page, click on ‘Start Recording Now.’ The action brings forth a cursor that you can adjust to record your screen.
The have to accept the recorder’s prompt when it shows to proceed with screen capturing.

Recording Capability

Ana amazing thing about IObit is that it has an excellent recording capability. The recordings are of high quality showing you even the minor details. It also app to keep track of work hours brings along audio recording. For audio recording you have to turn on the microphone. 
On this aspect, you will notice the difference between the online recorder and the downloadable program. The downloadable software has no limits when it comes to recording time. The online recorder, on the other hand, will limit your recording to ten minute-clips to preserve quality.
You will also notice that the online recorder will save the file in WebM format. The other utility will save the files in various formats, such as MP4, DVD, AVA, 3GP and many more.
The online utility cannot edit files, whereas, you have the freedom to edit your files using the downloaded tool for PC.

As A Summary

IObit screen recorder is an excellent tool to have on your device to record your activities. Above is a review of this software, showing you its features and different attributes.  You can see that it is a user-friendly program, which is also very versatile.

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