India Has Banned the Following Chinese Apps: Garena Free Fire, 53 More

The Battle Royale Indus’s first trailer was unveiled by an Indian video game firm. An “Indo-Futuristic combat royale” has been described as the new game. The game’s creators chose to debut the new video at New York’s Time Square to honor India’s Independence Day in order to make the first glimpse spectacular for a worldwide audience. super gaming, a company located in Pune, is creating the video game Battle Royale Indus.

The game will be released on consoles, PCs, and potentially mobile devices. Also Read: When will the BGMI ban end? Krafton promises to work with the Indian government. The Battle Royale Indus won’t officially premiere for some time, but pre-registrations will start at the end of this year on mobile devices through both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

India Has Banned the Following Chinese Apps: Garena Free Fire, 53 More

The game’s developers assert that it has progressed to the point where they regularly play it internally. “While there is still work to be done before we can bring Indus to all of you, this trailer demonstrates what we’re constructing to fulfill your expectations and our aim to place India on the map of global gaming,” said Roby John, co-founder, and CEO of SuperGaming.

Earlier this month, SuperGaming held a community playtest for the game at its headquarters in Pune. It comprised players, content producers, and esports professionals, the corporation claimed. The comments from our community playtest solidified our conviction that this is the best approach to creating video games, according to John. Without knowing who we’re designing the game for and what they want, we can’t make it better.

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India Has Banned the Following Chinese Apps: Garena Free Fire, 53 More

MaskGun and Silly Royale are two games created by these people. Over 64 million people have played the multiplayer shooter MaskGun since its release. More than 20 million people play the social deduction game Silly Royale each year.

The most popular genre in the nation will have a new addition thanks to the Battle Royale Indus game. Its designers like to refer to it as “Indo-Futurism.” It is based on the notion of a technologically advanced Indus Valley Civilization with cutting-edge buildings and weapons. Its developers believe that Black Panther’s interpretation of Afro-Futurism served as inspiration.

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