How to Record Phone Calls on an iPhone

You never know when you might need to keep a recording of a phone call for evidence or reference purposes, and the ability to do so is a handy one to have in your pocket at all times. Plus, you can find this function on the vast majority of Android smartphones today.

You might be wondering why a high-end phone like the iPhone lacks a call recording function. As a general rule, Apple does not permit any activity that could threaten the privacy of their consumers.

Considering how useful it is to have this capability, many people have wondered if and how they can record calls on their iPhone. And these days, you can do it with a wide variety of third-party apps, both free and for a price.

Thankfully, call recording on the iPhone can be done without any of these extra programmes. In this article, we will discuss four simple methods for recording iPhone calls. However, before we get to it, let’s talk about the basics of call recording.

Can a Call Be Recorded on An I Phone, and If So, Is It Legal to Do So?

how to record call on iphone without app for free

Apple has merely put these limitations in place to protect its customers. To record a phone call, however, can be desirable for numerous reasons. When this occurs, it is perfectly fine for everyone to do so.

The major reason the iPhone doesn’t allow this capability is because some people exploit these recordings in a very inappropriate way. It’s possible that things will shift in the near future.

Also, before you start recording calls, make sure you know the regulations in your area. When using the Android version of Google Dialer, call recipients are given a warning that their call is being recorded.

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To What Extent Is It Possible to Record Phone Calls on An I Phone?

There are third-party programmes available for iPhones that make it feasible to record phone calls. Without this software, you can still record calls on your iPhone by following the steps outlined below.

No matter if you’re paying for one of these methods or using a free one, they all basically do the same thing. The call is set up as a three-way conference call, and the app or platform will link you to the other two people and record everything said throughout the session.

Despite appearances, the process is extremely easy and accessible, as the ability to merge calls is built into every iPhone. Voicemail is also a useful tool for recording conversations on an iPhone. You should check that your phone has these specs before attempting this procedure.

  • Your iPhone’s voicemail configuration is currently in progress.
  • A device running iOS 9 or later

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Put Your Phone in A Silent Mode or Turn Off Call Waiting. to Accomplish That, Follow These Steps:

  • Navigate to the iPhone’s Settings menu.
  • On the resulting page, select Call waiting by clicking the Phone tab.
  • Disabling call waiting is as simple as toggling a switch located in its vicinity.
  • What is the best method for recording a call on an iPhone without using an app?
  • You can use any of these methods to record calls on your iPhone without installing a third-party app.
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One Option Is to Use a Different Device to Record Phone Calls

how to record call on iphone without app for free

If you have access to a different device, like a second iPhone, a computer, or a recording device, this is a simple way to save iPhone phone calls for later listening or transcription. If you want to record your phone calls using a different device, here’s how:

  • Connect the call to the individual whose conversation you want to capture.
  • The next step is to connect the phone to the speaker system.
  • Turn on the other device’s recorder to begin archiving your chat with the other person.
  • Google Voice is the second option for recording iPhone calls.

Any iOS user may take advantage of Google Voice, a free and straightforward VoIP service. All calls within the United States made from your device to the free phone number are completely free. So, if you’re wondering how to record iPhone calls, go no further than Google Voice.

With an account, you can even record phone calls to listen to later. This choice is, however, restricted to citizens of the United States and Canada; yet, most people find a way around this restriction. Here’s how you can use Google Voice to record calls on your iPhone:

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  • Getting Google Voice set up on your iPhone may be done by visiting
  • Get the Google Voice app for your device from the Play Store, then launch it.
  • To get back to the main screen, just swipe left from the top of the screen to see the app’s menu.
  • Choose Calls on the settings sidebar.
  • Then, activate calls coming in.
  • Simply dial the number you wish to record with and press “4” to begin recording.
  • Simply hanging up on the receiver or pressing 4 again will cancel the recording.
  • Your recordings will be made available in your Google Voice inbox.
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