Fix Now Twitch error #4000: This Video is Either Unavailable Or Resource Format Not Supported

When you try to play any stream on the platform, Twitch error 4000 may appear along with the warning “Media resource format not supported.”

Given that it occurs repeatedly in a stream every few seconds or minutes, this issue can be irritating. We’ll give you a list of fixes in this article to assist you in resolving this problem.

The error 4000 can appear on Twitch for a variety of reasons, including “a battle” to share your computer’s resources, mostly audio, with another stream.  Due to this, Twitch finally crashes and displays an error message saying that the resource format is not supported.

Here is a list of fixes that will assist you in troubleshooting and resolving this issue while keeping the cause of the error in mind.

How to Fix Error 4000 on Twitch

Method #1: Close Other Media Players or Streams

Before you reload Twitch, stop any media player or broadcast that could be running on another browser. When a resource that Twitch needs to stream is used by another media stream, it typically won’t load.

Close all active apps in the Task Manager on your computer if the issue still exists after you have closed the streams and media players. Open your browser once more, then attempt to watch a Twitch stream.

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Method #2: Refresh the Stream

This twitch problem has an easy fix, like restarting your playback. This error could have appeared because your computer lost connection to the internet while streaming.

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If resuming playing doesn’t fix the issue, try refreshing your browser.

You may also try streaming from twitch by opening it in a different browser or tab. If it functions properly in another browser, there might be a problem with the plugins on your previous browsers.

Method #3: Unplug All Audio Equipment, Then Reconnect It

Unplug any audio equipment you may be using, such as a set of headphones or an external speaker, as it might be interfering with your ability to stream on Twitch.

Restart your stream or browser after taking out the audio hardware. Once the error message “twitch media source not supported” disappears, you can plug in your headphones or speakers.

If your computer is connected to a Bluetooth audio device, this error may appear. Verify that you have also disconnected them.

Method #4: Switch to The Default Audio Driver on Your Audio Card.

When an audio device changes the primary audio driver, Twitch TV streaming on a Windows PC may experience issues. To return the audio input on your Windows machine to the default audio driver, follow these steps.

Select Start from the menu.
Enter after typing “Sound”
Select “Playback”
Using your audio driver, locate the main audio input
Press Set Default.

Method #5: Use the twitch pop-out player

You can continue to enjoy streaming videos from the channel using the popout player when twitch won’t load due to the error 4000.

Even while this isn’t a long-term solution, it can be helpful when you need to stream right away but your Twitch player isn’t loading.

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Click the gear icon in the player’s lower right corner and choose Popout Player to launch the popout player on Twitch.

Method #6: Modify Chrome’s Autoplay Settings

To Fix the Video Not Supported Problem on Twitch, Changing the Autoplay Settings in Chrome Can Assist to Stop Audio and Video from Playing in The Background.

To Modify Google Chrome’s Autoplay Settings, Adhere to These Procedures.

In Your Google Chrome Browser, Open a New Tab.
Enter the Text Chrome: Flags in The Address Bar.
View the Autoplay Policy Further Down.
In the Choice Box, Select Document User Activation Is Necessary.

When You Visit a Website with This Setting Enabled, Videos and Audio Won’t Instantly Start Playing. a Video Will only Start Playing After You Click the Play Button on It.

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What Ought to Finish It. Contact Their Support Team if Twitch Continues to Display the “media Not Supported” Message.

Check out Our Twitch Instructions if This Was the Solution to Your Problem, and Please Leave Any Other Queries or Comments in the space provided below.


When this setting is turned on, videos and audio won’t play automatically when you visit a website. You will be required to click the play button on a video in order to play it.

That should do it. In the event Twitch still shows the “media not supported” error, get in touch with their support staff.

If this solved your issue, check out our twitch guides or field any additional questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

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