How to Fix a DPC Watchdog Violation in Windows 11?

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How to Fix a DPC Watchdog Violation in Windows 11?

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The scary blue screen of death errors includes the DPC Watchdog Violation message. This Windows 11 problem has been reported by a few of our users.

Watchdog Violation is equivalent to a blue screen fault in this OS, resulting in a Black Screen of Death. A dark screen with the stop code 0x00000133 is displayed when the DPC Watchdog Violation issue occurs in Windows 11.

The mistake may appear at any time, or it may occur just when specific programs are used. Once this problem occurs, the computer must be restarted, just like any other Blue Screen of Death issue. Exactly the same thing was reported by Windows 10 customers who were confronted with the DPC Watchdog Violation error.

The Following Are Some Possible Methods if You Need to Cure the Mistake in Windows 11

How to Fix a DPC Watchdog Violation in Windows 11?

Where Does the Dpc Watchdog Violation Error Come From, and How Do You Fix It?

This problem manifests itself if the Deferred Procedure Call takes too long to complete. A DPC Watchdog Violation BSOD occurs if the Watchdog bug checker waits too long for a DPC response.

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The majority of computers with solid-state drive storage experience this problem. In the early days of Windows 10, this was a common problem because manufacturers of solid-state drives (SSDs) had yet to develop compatible drivers or firmware. In light of this, the fact that Windows 11 is experiencing the same problem is hardly shocking.

But this isn’t an issue that only affects machines with SSDs. It may be the result of a software conflict, a malfunctioning piece of hardware, or file corruption in the system’s file directory.

The usage of an outdated or flawed SATA AHCI driver file is another common explanation. Check out the causes of a Blue Screen of Death for additional information. My PC is running Windows 11, and I keep getting the DPC Watchdog Violation error.

1. Disconnect Any Extra Hardware.

Before doing anything else, unplug all peripherals (including printers, game controllers, and external USB storage devices) from your computer. Remove all peripherals except your computer’s mouse and keyboard.

Can you replicate the problem without any hardware connected? If not, it’s probably because you tried to use a peripheral that isn’t compatible with your computer.

If you want to figure out which gadget is causing the problem, try reconnecting it one at a time. Driver updates for peripherals can sometimes resolve compatibility issues.

2. Perform a scan with the System File Checker

Use the Windows key plus the S shortcut to open the search box.

Simply typing “cmd” into the search bar will bring up the Command Prompt.

To launch Command Prompt with administrative privileges, right-click the result and choose Run as administrator.

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To begin, type this command and hit Enter:

It’s DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth.

Entering this SFC command and hitting Return will initiate a file scan.

We recommend waiting until the SFC scan has been completed at 100% and the result has been displayed in the Prompt window.

3. Scan the Disc with Chkdsk.

Follow the first three steps of the first solution to open the Command Prompt.

Simply enter this command and hit Enter:

To verify, type Y and hit Enter.

Follow that up by going to the Start menu in Windows 11 and clicking Power, then Restart.

4.  Switch out The Driver File for The Sata Ahci Device.

To Access Device Manager, Right-Click the Start Button on The Taskbar and Then Click the “shortcut to Device Manager” Option.

To add more devices that use the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller, simply double-click the category’s name.

Then, in the new window that appears, select the Driver tab and double-click Standard SATA AHCI Controller.

Select Driver Information from The Menu.

There should be Storage. Sys file for the device, but if the Driver File Details pane shows that the device already has an iaStorA.sys file, you should replace it with that. You can dismiss the pop-up by selecting the OK button.

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