How to Find the Best Clipping Path Service Provider

Clipping path is a valuable and one of the most demanding business process outsourcing job on the eCommerce sector. Any company that is engaged in the eCommerce business will find the need of hiring a clipping path service provider. Whether they hire an individual freelancer or a structured clipping path company, pretty much all eCommerce businesses end up hiring someone. Out of all the service providers out there, how to pick the best clipping path service provider?
Following are some common practices that any company can undertake that will help them hire a clipping path company.

Google Search to Find a Potential Company:

First step towards hiring a clipping path service provider company or a freelancer is to perform a thorough search on google. While word of mouth, referrals etc. can sometimes help us find the right type of service providers, it is a wise idea to start with a Google search to identify a few prospect companies. You can then start the screening process to select the best company to work with.

Conduct a Thorough Interview:

Once you have identified a few prospect companies, you them must conduct a thorough interview. While it is not a typical job those companies applied for, the selection process must be somewhat same as if you are hiring an employee for the office. There are few aspects of the interview process. You can fist start by requesting a few samples edit job. If the company in question is serious about their business and eager to work with you, they will accommodate the sample edit job request. If the company is not serious and professional, they will not reply to you or will not provide sample edits for free. 
If the company is willing to do a few samples edit as a trail, it becomes easier for you to judge the clipping quality. In the entire process of doing a test run, you can measure few other aspects of the interview process. These areas are communication, native language, delivery time, pricing, etc. 

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Find Out Other Areas of Expertise:

Even if you are hiring a clipping path company or a service provider, you might want to find out what others areas of services are offered by that company. While clipping path might be your main areas of focus and major part of the photo editing job that you are considering outsourcing, there might come some time when you will need other types of photo editing. For example, if you are talking to outsourcing company Joolo Media, you might want to look at ghost mannequin service by Joolo Media as well. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

You will hand over sensitive company or product related information to the outsourcing company. You will need to ensure that the company in question has a measure in place to protect client privacy. A standard non-disclosure agreement can protect you in this regard. While it should be standard business practice to maintain client privacy, it’s just that common sense doesn’t appeal to some. 

Payment Methods:

See what are the available payment methods. Since you will be hiring a company to outsourcing your product photo editing online, you must find out whether the company uses a payment method of your choice. It can be a money order, bank draft, direct bank transfer, check in the main, wide varieties of option. You just need to find out which payment methods will work for you. 

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