How to develop an android app: get to know step by step

Developing an android application is to be in line with our current reality. After all, offering the solution that is most present in the life of modern man is to act, very well, by the way, according to the growth of technology in our daily lives. And she is everywhere.

Technology is present when we use cell phones for everything we do. If you think about it, for most of the activities we do, there’s an app. Due to this facility, more and more companies are using Apps to boost their sales. 

Like in professional pressure washer companies, they are using apps to advertise items that can increase sales capacity and market recognition.

This is because the App allows for more convenience, and the consumer will not need to go to the store. Excellent what this technology provides, isn’t it?

App stores are booming. To give you an idea, the App Store and Play Store totaled more than 37 billion apps downloaded between April and June 2020, according to a survey carried out by the consulting and analysis company Sensor Tower. In other words, a growth that could make even more noise in the technology industry. 

More than just making money, creating an app is enabling functionality for certain audiences. This functionality can create new behaviors, helping in common situations that start to be considered “from the past.” 

The application works to meet needs, and what many people don’t know is how android application development is tied to it. Here, we are going to describe a bit of this process.

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Before starting to develop the application, you need to have an idea of ​​what its functionality will be, as well as which operating systems it will be available on, whether it will be paid or free, as well as numerous other variables that need to be taken into account in the application of its main function. 

Imagine that you work with the sale of copper pipe 3 8, and you need to create an application to help your business.

You will need to analyze how you will be able to publicize it through this tool so that it reaches your audience that works with constructions, for example.

It is also necessary to elaborate a kind of map with all the information about the App. In this “map,” all the variables for its creation must be listed. It is necessary to think about the target audience, the final objective, how its interface will be, and the user’s experiences, among other topics.

Develop an android app: what are the types?

There are three types of apps: hybrid, Web App, and native. 

  • Develop Android Apps: Native Apps

Native Apps are developed exclusively for one type of operating system, be it android or iOS, and will only work on that system. Because they are programmed to run on just one system, native Apps are faster and more reliable than others. 

  • Develop android app: Web App

The Web App is not a real app. It is a website developed exclusively for mobile devices. It has different programming, recognizing that the user is accessing it through a smartphone and adapting to the device. 

  • Develop android app: Hybrids
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Hybrid apps are a mixture of native Apps with web Apps; they are made up of the programming language HTML5, CSS and Javascript, just like a mobile site. This code can integrate the device’s features, which makes the user experience better than if he used only web Apps. 

In the App map, the topic where the type of application is defined must also be included, clarifying whether it will be hybrid or native. 

Once you have the idea and the App map well structured, it’s time to start creating it. 

Application creation

To develop an application, you will need a familiarity with programming languages ​​and code. So, if you are a layperson for these matters, it is recommended that you get in touch with a company specializing in App development. 

Suppose you need to create an app properly for a business like high-pressure hoses. Before creating, it is of fundamental importance to maintain the connection through languages ​​related to the given subject.

It will be based on this that it will work and develop the use of your application. Interesting, isn’t it?

To develop an application for the Android operating system, you need to know which programming languages ​​can be deployed on Google Play, know some: 


It is the language most used by programmers around the world. It is compiled and flexible, which allows it to run on both browsers and non-browser devices. Java is also cross-platform, so it works perfectly on Android and Windows. 


The C language is the mother tongue of programming. It was developed in the 1970s, and from it came Java, C#, and every other best-known language. It is ideal for systems with a lot of calculations and games with realistic and quality graphics. 

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Derived from the C language, C++ is one of the most popular in the technological environment, as it is easy to handle and has a plurality of platforms. With it, it is possible to create simple Apps with a multitude of functions. 

These three are the most common languages ​​for creating an App for the Android OS. 

To develop a successful App, you need to take into account 11 steps: 

  1. Define your goal;
  2. Define your target audience;
  3. Do a market analysis;
  4. Sketch your App;
  5. Make wireframes and your storyboard;
  6. Plan the backend;
  7. Build the App;
  8. Define the design;
  9. Take a test;
  10. Make the necessary adjustments;
  11. Launch your App. 

By following all the items on this list and adapting them to your business, your App will succeed. 

To have the assistance you need at all stages of creating an application, you can hire a company that specializes in the subject. We at The Appineers have the tools you need to make your App a success and gain more visibility for your company. Please request a quote and talk to us about your idea. We want to help you get your plans off the paper!

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