How to Use Google Maps Route Planner?

Because of the increasing complexity of our world, we strive to reduce complexity whenever possible. This occurs, for example, when we’re plotting out a map with many stops along the way. Google Maps is only one of many route-planning tools available today. Advice on how to best utilise Google Maps’ itinerary tool is provided here.

With this helpful tool, you can easily input numerous addresses, search for nearby locations, and get driving instructions. This post will explain how to make the most of this service for trip preparation and tell you when it’s not the best option.

Tips for Planning a Trip with Multiple Stops Using Google Maps

google maps driving directions

In this section, we’ll go over the process of creating a route in the web app or on the go with the mobile app. To begin, let’s emphasise the basics of navigating with the Google Maps app on a mobile device.

  • The first thing to do is to use Google’s own route planning app.
  • To begin, get the app from the app store. Google’s route planner app is available for no cost on Android and iOS.
  • The Second Step: Launch the App
  • Start up the programme. That’s the screen you’ll be presented with.

 Select the Directions Link

There is a blue button in the corner to the right. With the click of this button, you can begin adding additional places. If you’re ready to click it, do it now. Optionally, in Step 4, click the “vehicle” icon.

We expect most users to be arranging transportation via car or truck. Consequently, if you’ve got something else picked out, like the bus in the scenario below, you’ll need to change it. If this sounds like you, click the automobile symbol to see the related picture.

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Among the Top Features: A Dedicated Search Box

google maps driving directions

Simply enter your desired location into the search bar. Below is an example of how Google’s predictive text and location- and search-based suggestions work. When your home address appears, click on it.

Option 2: Pick an existing address from your history You can also choose an already-used address from your history. As an illustration, you can select a previously used destination address from a “recent” drop-down menu.

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