Easy Ways to Detect Water Leaks from The Swimming Pool

It is very important to detect the water leaks from the swimming pools. If you don’t do that you will lose a lot of water daily that will increase your water bill exponentially and it will also damage your pool.
When there is a pool leak, it also can affect the garden and plants as underground water leak can reach the plants and excess water for the plants can destroy them.
It will also destroy your floor as it can create cracks if more water deposit under the ground it can make its ways to the foundation of the building. If it happens it will create cracks in the building foundation as well that can weaken the whole structure of the building. 
So, overall water leak from the swimming pool is not a simple water leak from any other part of the home. That is why it is very important to detect the water leak from your swimming pool and repair it as soon as possible. 
Here are two easy methods that can help you in detecting whether you have a pool leak or not. Try these methods after every 3 to 4 months.

Plastic Bucket Method to Detect Pool Leak

One simple and easy method is to use a simple plastic bucket that almost everyone has in the laundry. With the bucket you need to a marker and a small brick or a rock that have some weight.
Before you start this test, you should turn off the water pump that refills the pool.
You should know that water also evaporate due to hot weather from the swimming pool. So, it is normal that you can see a decrease in swimming pool water in a few days if pump is off. This bucket method is good to differentiate the water evaporation and water leak.
Put the bucket on the second step in the pool and fill it with the water. Keep the water level in the bucket and in the swimming pool at same level. Don’t forget to put a small brick in the bucket. 
Now apply a mark on the water level inside and outside the bucket with a permanent marker. Water should be same level inside and outside.
After 24 hours, check the water level again. If there is a slight drop inside and outside the bucket but the level is even then it means it is water evaporating due to weather.
But if there is more drop outside the bucket and less level drop inside the bucket then it indicates a water leak from the pool.

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Pool Leak Detection with Tape Marking

The second easy method of detection of water leaks from the pool is to use a marking tape. This tape should be water resistant and should not leave its location if it gets some water on it. 
Fill the pool and place a water tape as a mark of the water level. Turn off the refill water pump so no water enters into the pool.
Now, leave it for 24 hours and check the water level after 24 hours. If there is only a few centimeters drop in the level then it is evaporation, but if it is more than 2 inches, then it indicates a water leak from the pool.
When you detect that there is a water leak, then you need to call an pool expert who can detect the exact location of pool leak and can fix it as early as possible. 

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