Budapest, The Paris Of East

Standing on the banks of the River Danube, Budapest, the capital of Hungary is rightly known as the Paris of the East. It is not one of the places which look like a dirty and congested tourist hub. Yes, there are tourists but the place is so well maintained that it looks lived in, not visited to. It is often recognized as the industrial and peak center of Hungary. The vibrant culture and great history of Budapest have always attracted tourists from different parts of the world. There are many places in Budapest that are sure to attract your attention. Let us check a few of these out: 

Buda Castle – A Historical Castle

On visiting Budapest, you can first pay a visit to the Castle hill of Budapest. The most important and historic monuments of the city are located in this hill. Some of these monuments include the Buda Castle of the 18th Century. It is also known as the Budavari Palota. It has almost 20 rooms and it has replaced another castle that did not have adequate security measures against the Tartars and Mongols. It had been severely damaged during the 2nd World War but has been restored now. There are many museums on the inside and it also contains the Hungarian National Gallery. The History Museum of Budapest is also located in this Castle. 

Saint Stephen’s Basilica – Catholic basilica

Szent István-basilica of Saint Stephen’s Basilica which is located in Budapest has extremely impressive architecture, a lot ahead of its time. The beauty of the inner section is highlighted by the panoramic views which are seen from the done. The construction was initially started in 1851. However, there were many construction issues that made it difficult to finish. Finally, in 1905, it was dedicated to Saint Stephen, the holy kind of Hungary. Just like the Budapest Castle, world war 2 has been responsible for the damage of many structures which includes the external walls and towers. However, the government has restored them. The rich interior had not been harmed by any of the invaders. The Venetian mosaic of the sanctuary is something of great interest for the art connoisseurs. 

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The Danube Promenade – The Beauty Of Budapest

One of the moving places in Budapest is the Danube Promenade. It has attracted tourists of different interests from different parts of the world. It is one of the river-side walks which has elaborated the beauty of Budapest and the river Danube. The Shoes of Danube Bank can also be visited while being in the Danube Promenade. It denotes the lining of shoes on the banks of the Danube to signify the shooting of Jews by the Nazis. It is a painful and subtle reminder of the atrocities faced by Hungary due to the 2nd World War. 

Final Words

There are many different summer and winter events in Budapest that have attracted tourists from different parts of the world. Despite its destructive past, Budapest has been able to rise as a power of beauty and elegance in recent times. It is one of the best places to plan a vacation if one needs a quiet time for oneself. 

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