Google Sends Confusing Emails About Removing Old Pictures from Hangouts’ “Album Archive.”


Google sent out an “update to Album Archive” email today telling users that an old picture gallery interface for Hangouts is going away next month. Google says, “Some content that can only be found in Album Archive will be taken down on July 19.” This includes: In rare cases, like small thumbnail pictures, comments, or … Read more

 Microsoft Launched Bing Robot Even Though Open Ai Said It Wasn’t Ready!

Microsoft Launched Bing Robot

People who know about the situation told The Wall Street Journal today that the relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI is “weird” because it is full of tension and confusion. This tension and confusion have spread to Microsoft’s internal AI team, which is supposedly dealing with budget cuts and limited access to OpenAI technology, and sources … Read more

Phil Spencer Teases Multiple Games that Weren’t Shown in This Year’s Xbox Showcase

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has been discussing the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase in multiple interviews over the past few days. In one of those interviews, he teased a few future projects that weren’t shown at this year’s event. Phil was talking to Polygon about why he’s “humbly confident” about Xbox’s first-party lineup in … Read more