Artistes Should Cooperate With Companies To Seek New Revenue Streams: Shalkal

The dancehall reggae artiste Shalkal said in his recent interview that now is the right time for the artistes to look for new options to generate revenue and to control personal finance. He said that the music industry will face new challenges in the year 2021 and artistes should be ready to face these challenges.
Shalkal also pointed out the world lockdown situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and said that it affected not only regular life but also the global economy so we, the artistes should look for new revenue streams.
Shalkal also emphasizes the cooperation between the artiste and the companies. He said that if they make a good partnership strategically and execute it at the right time for the right audience then it will be a win-win situation for both of them.
“This partnership between an artiste and a company will help to find new consumers who are ready to move on”, Shalkal said.
As an example, Shalkal pointed out a new breakout artiste Koffee who made corporate deals with different companies.
“That’s how you build a brand and woo the corporate side of the business,” he said. 
Dance hall music artist, Shalkal was also upset about the social media chatters and never-ending beef and verbals spats. He said that in 2020 the global pandemic has affected the global economy so it is important to focus on those things which really matters.
He said that the year 2020 has taught him not to waste energy on things that are not important. This life is too short and we should focus only on those things that matter. We should work for the betterment of mankind so that we can save lives. He said I learned this from the bad experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.
After years of being a successful entrepreneur, Shalkal finally decided to step into the booth just a few years ago.
A few months ago the release of ‘Ungrateful Maga Dog’, a humorous track has racked up thousands of online streams and it underscored Shalkal’s status as a talented wordsmith.
Shalkal grew up in Runaway Bay, St Ann where he attended York Castle High in Brown’s Town. He is also known for various songs one of which is “Envious So” which spawned numerous dance videos that surfaced on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 
Shalkal said that he wanted to bring more music for his fans and he wanted to expand his fan base beyond the borders. He said music is his life and for this, he can do anything to inspire people with his music.
Shalkal said that he only creates real and authentic music that has messages and songs with depth. He said that I don’t always do this purposefully but it is a fact that the things I can express in my songs are the things that I have held for years. “I just feel at home when I enter into the studio and the vibes flow through me and onto the record”, he said.
Other songs include “Come Money Come”, “Fi You Money”, and “Money Dance”.
He wants to release an EP in 2021.

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