Ultimate Guide: A Career In Early Childhood Education And Care Perth

If you absolutely love children, a career in early childhood education and care would be an ideal fit. Do you wish to know more about the available child care courses? The childcare industry is ever-growing, while the supply of services has been inadequate. If you are not aware of the several aspects of working in the childcare industry, dive in. This blog helps you learn everything that you wish to know about early child care and education. 

Reasons To Choose A Career In Childcare 

Although, many individuals are pre-informed about the factors that make their preferred career choice a popular option worldwide. Many only wish to explore and discover till they find their calling. If catering to children needs seems appealing to you, learning about the reasons to choose childcare services would prove helpful. 

  • Demand – If you are worried about the future prospects of this industry, there is nothing to worry about. The child education and care sector is flourishing and permanent. Since the increasing population is integral to a nation’s existence and growth, attending to their needs is constant. The demand for these services, in fact, have risen with the constant need to update and improve living standards. 
  • Variety – A tedious job is not your cup of tea? Sure. A boring working habitat is not a favourable choice for anyone. However, being involved in the child care services, you do not have to stress about monotony. The work requires active interaction, which is entertaining and engaging as you get acquainted with new stories and perspectives everyday. 
  • Training Period – This industry requires qualified professionals with adequate skills and knowledge. The good news is that the training duration is pretty comprehensive and short. If time and cost-efficiency is your concern, enrolling for a child care training course is beneficial. It requires around 14 months to complete a course and become eligible to work professionally.  
  • Opportunities – This industry stresses on impressive social skills. Since dealing with humans require a good amount of emotional and intellectual intelligence, it is complementary to possess specific skills. These attributes, such as communication, responsiveness, responsibility and promptness, are essential to various other sectors as well. So, working in the childcare industry is advantageous because it prepares you for a lot of other professions simultaneously. 
  • Security – If work security is your priority, the childcare industry is a stable business that can assure job consistency. It allows for a variety of service roles with flexible hours and decent pay. If you are looking for a regular job, options such as a pre-primary teacher can be ideal. If you wish to work part-time, you may engage in a childcare centre as a support worker.  
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Course choices for people who wish to work in the childcare sector 

If you are interested to know about the childcare course options in Australia, keep reading to learn more. There are three basic certification course requirements that one must qualify to be eligible for child care services. Although a Bachelor in Education is sufficient, if a two-year degree is not preferable, below enlisted are the alternatives; 

  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Care and Education – This course is the minimum requirement to work in a child care service. It acts as a foundational certification and promotes the development of interpersonal skills. It also educates about the existing trends, hacks and procedures to carry out care services efficiently. 
  • Certificate IV in School Age Care and Education – This course guides you on the appropriate child care, health and safety services. It is ideal for those seeking work as school teachers, school holiday programme coordinators and outside school hours care professionals. 
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Care and Education – This course provides a comprehensive tour of childcare strategies and practices. It is generally a one-year vocational course. You need to complete a certificate 3 in childcare before applying for a Diploma in childcare. This diploma course can earn you a specialization in young children education and care services. 

Ensure that while opting for an institution with a suitable course option, you research well. It is vital to assure that the preferred centre or institute is authentic and certified to get optimal benefits. 

Employability Options For A Childcare Graduate 

If you meet the qualification and skill requirements of the childcare industry, finding a job is no issue. The career options available in this industry are varied and diverse. Below discussed are a few top choices that one can apply for when looking for child care and education services. 

  • Childcare support worker – These professionals’ aid teachers with a structured teaching schedule for children in a childcare centre. They are responsible for monitoring child health and progress. They also carry out events and activities to keep a child active, engaged and fit. 
  • Family childcare provider – These professionals provide care services to children in a home setting. They work to deliver efficient services with strategic plans to deal with child health and safety. 
  • Early childhood educator – These workers are primarily teachers who provide formal education to young children. Their clients are usually toddlers to 6-year-old children. They cater to a child’s need for emotional, physical and social support. 
  • Early childhood teacher (ECT) – These professionals provide overall assistance to children. They can operate in a home setting as tutors or in a school as a primary teacher. Early school teachers prioritize a safe, positive learning experience for children for prolonged growth and development. 
  • Kindergarten assistant – They focus on individual child learning experiences and plan routine activities. Kindergarten assistants prioritize entertainment-based learning experiences for optimal children services. 
  • After school care worker – These professionals provide assistance to children after school hours. Their main work role includes monitoring children activities and behaviour. They are also important for planning fun-based exercises to promote an enriching growing environment. 
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If you have been interested in child care courses in Perth, it is high time you enrol in one. The career prospects of this industry are immense and rewarding. While you opt for a course, pre-decide your budget and requirements to choose the best.

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