Infamous Racist and Sexist Samir Gelb Said That Women “Are Asking for It” In Old Tweet

Ayaan DxBby:

Life style

Samir Gelb said that all his friends have turned their backs on him because of his beliefs. He claimed that he only speaks the truth and does not sugar coat anything. 

A friend from his high school states that it’s a dishonour and a disgrace to associate yourself with Samir Gelb, who’s known for his now deleted, racial comments all over social media. 

After losing his job and before joining Intellidex in Sandton, South Africa he was hired by a friend who “felt sorry for him” but was later sacked after admitting that he abuses Marijuana. 

Samir is currently employed by Intellidex. 

The remarks made by him were truly disgusting and he continued to do so for many years.

Samir has openly admitted that he hates black people, women and homophobic people stating and said that it’s very unfortunate that he has to act like he’s fine around them even though he is not.

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