Buckwheat Pillow Benefits: 7 Reasons You Should Own One


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From 7000 BC when the first pillow was made out of stone, people have been looking for just the right pillow to help them sleep. It has been agreed, even way back then, a good pillow meant a good night’s sleep. In modern times, pillows are being made from a variety of materials with the manufactures promising the world to the buyers. One of the newest pillows being made used buckwheat for a filler. Let’s take a closer look at some buckwheat pillow benefits.

What is Buckwheat?

Contrary to its name, buckwheat is not a grain of any sort, and it is not related to wheat in any way. It’s actually the fruit seed of a plant related to rhubarb, sorrel, and knotweed. Because the triangular shapes seeds are similar to wheat, it’s used for making flour, beer, and honey — as well as being a pillow filler.

How is a Buckwheat Pillow Made?

Pillows are traditionally made out of fabric, sewn on three sides and then, filled with something. In this case, it’s buckwheat. Unlike traditional pillows who are then sewn up and never reopened buckwheat pillows have a zipper. This allows the owner to remove or add hulls as needed.

Here are seven reasons why a buckwheat pillow would be beneficial for you.

1. Support – these pillows fully support your back, neck, and shoulders no matter what position you sleep in. This promotes full alignment of the spine, taking pressure off joints and relaxing muscles and blood vessels. The nerve bundles at both ends of the spine are also relieved of pressure. All of this helps with:

  1. Pain
  2. Sleep Apnea/Snoring
  3. High Blood pressure

2. Temperature Control – the hulls don’t conduct heat and are resistant to pressure. In addition, they can be frozen or microwaved depending on the time of year for added comfort.

3. Maintenance – this is how to wash a body pillow: remove the hulls and put the case in your washer, no dry cleaning required. Old, damaged hulls can be replaced with fresh ones. This means the pillow can last up to 20 years!

4. Non-toxic – pillows aren’t made with chemicals or toxins of any sort. The hulls don’t attract dust mites either.

5. Smell – the hulls have a natural earthy smell which is basically nulled during the manufacturing part of the pillow. However, some pillows have essential oils added to them to aid with sleep.

6. Adjustable – the hulls move freely in the casing, and they don’t stick to each other either. This means they can fully adjust to anyone. Hulls can be removed and added as needed.

7. Eco – friendly – the cases are made from natural materials, and the hulls are also all-natural and bio-degradable.

These are all compelling reasons to at least try a buckwheat pillow. The initial cost is made a moot point when you consider how many pillows you won’t have to replace for the next ten to twenty years because they wore out. The buckwheat pillow benefits, including being hypo-allergenic, are far greater than most traditional pillows as well.


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