How Cities Like Las Vegas Embrace Digital Marketing


Internet Marketing

Where you business is located can have profound affect on how you embrace the priority of Digital Marketing. Is your repeat custom based on word of mouth, or is most of your income from those who travel to you? Take Las Vegas as an example most businesses on the famous “strip” do no rely on local custom, their money is made from the millions of travellers who visit on vacation.

Many will use the internet to prepare and plan for their trip, from online booking agents to a list of restaurants they may visit whist there. How a business plans and uses their digital marketing Las Vegas strategy can make a big difference to profit. Compare this to a local suburb of Chicago, where local trust is crucial, maybe SEO and Social Media is not so important there.

Of course what niche your business represents also has a factor, business stationary companies who serve local business are still more likely to be judged on service, price and word of mouth.

How SEO Can Separate The Weak From The Strong

Ranking high for certain keywords can give instant credibility to an unknown customer, so investing in the right SEO will make your business first impression stronger. Of course increased visibility helps make your brand stand out from the rest, here businesses have an opportunity to be attain their unique selling points, before the physical reality of the Vegas Strip is attained. But as mentioned above, the search engine optimization strategy has to be right, to match your business offerings with the intent of the search. Users are so much more savvy now when using Google and are more likely to use long tail and very specific search terms to find what they are looking for. So just focusing on the same basic phrases as everyone else, will lose you visitors.

Social Media Is A Key Tool For Visual Destinations

Vegas is full of visual experiences from the fountains of the Bellagio to the Excalibur and Venetian  

 Resort. Social Media can transport these visual experiences in to peoples mind and engage their expectation of the vacation. There are also real people with real experiences being shared, most facebook users for example will follow several Las Vegas pages before travelling. Where to buy tickets, or eat the best food or even just travel tips, can come from well marketed social media sites. 

Engaging with visitors to be is clearly a key tool to success with travel destinations like Vegas.

Make Some Videos To Show Your USP

Sometimes it is hard to get your Unique Selling Point over to the customer, so making some well polished videos and sharing them on social media will make a big difference, Sites like YouTube and Tik-Tok command huge traffic volumes, so making a video and getting out there is a “no brainer”. If you are unsure, just visit YouTube and look at how many views many of the videos have.

The final summary is to understand why cities like Las Vegas have to embrace digital marketing more that other cities. They rely so much on what is found on the internet, mostly before a customer has even arrived. Using digital marketing to increase  business visibility is seen as key to other types of promotion.

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