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Health professionals today stress the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Comfortable bedding and correct temperatures are important factors but difficult to achieve. Purchasing a cooling mattress protector may be one way of dealing with both issues. This cooling mattress protector guide highlights all there is to know about acquiring and enjoying the comfort of one of these.

Why Should You Buy One? 

  • You have bought an expensive comfortable mattress with a warranty. The guarantee may be for 5, 10, or 20 years but only covers defects in the mattress, not normal ‘wear and tear’. Soiling and deep staining are also unlikely to be covered due to health and safety regulations in mattress factories that prevent the return of the item for this reason. A mattress protector then might be a wise investment.
  • You have an older or uncomfortable mattress. Some of the mattress toppers and pads can help even-up sagging and protect from bugs and diseases that can lurk in the fabric. 
  • You have no air conditioning or sufficient ventilation to cool the sleeping environment. Cooling mattress protectors and toppers are designed to minimize the problem.  
  • You/your family suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory diseases and have concerns about sleeping in a healthy environment. Some mattress covers are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial as well as keeping sweat and spills from leaking into the mattress.

Keeping Cool. What are the best types of cover? 

Many mattress protectors available today are designed with significant cooling properties. These gel-filled covers and pads cool the body and wick away moisture. 

Toppers and pads can provide comfort and coolness, but full mattress protectors are manufactured from breathable hygienic fabrics to keep your mattress clean and allergen-free as well. 

What fabrics should you choose? 

The choice is wide from semi-synthetic viscose/rayon with temperature-regulating properties to eco-friendly natural fibers such as cotton or lyocell which is obtained from sustainable resources. Mattresses and bedding made from bamboo fabrics have become increasingly popular for softness and comfort, as well as their cooling and moisture-wicking qualities. Polyester covers are also available.

What else should you look for

Other important considerations include the price and ease of washing and cleaning and whether or not they are fully waterproof.

Does a high price always equate to high quality? 

Some of the very best full cooling mattress protectors are made from the best fabrics available. One company makes several cooling types using a viscose material designed for astronaut’s spacesuits. These are at the high end price-wise but of superior quality. Even so, some of the other blended and polyester fabrics are easily washed and dried, give comfort and coolness, and are good on price.

Where can you buy mattress protectors? 

All types are readily available today from main online outlets including specialist bedding stores. They are also stocked by haberdashers and department stores, giving the opportunity to view before buying.


In an increasingly health-conscious world, the value of proper relaxation and sleep has become more fully recognized. A cooling mattress protector can help provide that necessary good night’s sleep.

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