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At Taner Tech, we offer adaptive benefits of IoT security and ecosystem protection services. We offer compelling security services and IoT propositions to extend the core capabilities of small business MSP. Our cybersecurity and IoT protection systems work to leverage networks and reduce their complexity and workload on the endpoints. Our security solutions are based on emerging technologies where IoT connectivity plays a crucial role. On top of that, our security measures are developed by relying on the strength of the IoT world.

Our Comprehensive Services

At Taner Tech we have the advantages of native technology, IoT, and security systems to facilitate business automation. We also provide data encryption, network availability, and device identification services to the users globally.

  • Security Credentials- We simplify IoT device management by provisioning various instances efficiently by relying on MSP assets.
  • IoT Threat Detection- We analyze the network traffic of the platforms and protect them by profiling and detecting patterns. It helps us to detect the deviation in their patterns.
  • DNS Security- This is the first line of defense of our services where we detect and block the device requests from different domain name resolutions to the malicious platforms.
  • Security Operations Center- Our tech help is inclusive of global security operations and detection centers where we hold the charge of operating services securely.
  • Cyber Threats- We have integrated emerging technologies to detect and identify cyber threats or attacks. We offer a continuous scanning and testing system to the platforms.

High-End IoT Security Features 

On our platform, we install, manage, and repair an array of IoT security equipment. We also facilitate high-end security services and access control systems to our clients. We integrate extensive IoT-powered equipment that safeguards the touchpoints of the platforms and increases their security exponentially. We understand that the security breach in IoT devices is beyond information theft or data theft, rather, it can potentially cause severe harm to the whole infrastructure. To control the same we facilitate emerging technologies and strategies that are required to prevent the attacks.

  • Secure Identification- We identify the possible threats to open port services and other vulnerabilities 
  • Secure Assessment– We assess the secure instances and the implementation of their controls
  • Secure Simulation- We monitor cyber threats or attacks on the target devices and redeem their services

The Latest Highlights Of Our Security Features

With our IoT security equipment, we safeguard the data, devices, and systems from potential attacks. Security is a question that always remains on our minds as we proceed with digitalization. It helps us to create high-value solutions that can not only safeguard critical information but also boost the economic dimension of our clients. Our end-to-end security management ensures the privacy of your devices and simultaneously builds trust and strong identities. It is evident that the larger the area the more exposure it will have to breaches. You can get our advanced and consistent security approaches to have an edge over the cyber threats and secure your workplace, home, or systems.

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