Jumpin’ Joe The Rapper has much more for his fans than the average rapper



Joe Thomas, known professionally as Jumpin’ Joe The Rapper has ventured far beyond his title.

His innovative ideas have sparked interest from Fortune 500 companies, Radio stations to Music Producers. Why? To put it simply: His sense of urgency to engage with customers is not only the driving force behind his marketing strategy, it is brilliant. 

“The goal has always been to provide for my family. I intend to inspire and change lives along the way as well. Nowadays there are too many tools within our reach that can help us accomplish our artistic goals to not take advantage of them.”

He went on to mention as a teenager he wanted desperately to be a rapper. But he didn’t have the means for equipment to do it on his own or money for studio time. Well things have changed, with todays technology all it takes to be whatever you want is as Jumpin’ Joe The Rapper likes to say, “a perpetual grind.”

In 2019 he put out his first full length-album “Season of The Fakeness” independently. After receiving radio play from a single on the album, “That’s Fake” a fire was ignited within him. He took to Amazon, uploaded a manuscript and independently published his best-selling book, “Stop By: A Play in Eight Acts.” Now here is where things get interesting. As if officially taking his place as a Rap Artist and Playwright wasn’t enough:

“It wasn’t enough for me. I’d been way too inspired by the Late great Nipsey Hussle’s smart store with all the technology he used so if figured I needed to figure some of that out. I wanted to be an innovator just like him. So I came with a different angle.” 

In an unprecedented attempt to amalgamate his music and writing fanbase, he embedded the front cover of his book with unreleased music.

“At the time I didn’t know how to build my own Augmented Reality Scanner app, so I used a 3rd party app. Once the customers purchased the book, I had them download the app, they scan the cover of the book with the apps camera and an audio video of a couple of my unreleased songs played on their phone.”

The book is the first of its kind. And once word got out its cover it was a game changer. 

A lot of people who bought the book were already in the music industry. So when I dropped the word about the unreleased tracks on the cover, it was crazy. Music managers, radio stations and even my 9-5 started inquiring about how to incorporate the idea with their brand. I became a bit of a consultant for a while. I appreciated their interest in something I had no idea would work the way it did.”

Now with over 15,000 monthly Spotify monthly listeners, we think his plan worked. When asked what advice he had for upcoming artists he smiled.

“Look, you got to find out why you doin this. Is it attention, love, money, fame? Whatever it is, figure it out. Once you know that it’ll make it easier to market yourself. As for me. I do it for my family and my legacy. My formula has always been exclusive content= fans transformed into customers.

Jumpin’ Joe The Rapper has recently found blazing success with the recent release of his single Straight A’s featuring Bay Area Rap Artist and friend Mally Muzik. He’s found his go to Producer in A-Wall and urges the industry to stay posted.

You can follow him on Instagram https://instagram.com/jumpinjoetherapper

And Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2IOuFV3qIXLrnR7tCNzCDT?si=1byn2mqYRK-FfHBC-rdSyQ

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