5 Healthy tips to minimize ED Problem



Erectile dysfunction ( ED) is a general state of health where a man finds it impossible to get an erection or to maintain it. When men age, erectile dysfunction becomes more common but it is not always a natural part of aging. ED is estimated to influence four out of every ten men over 50 years of age and is typically handled with medications such as Sildenafil Cenforce 100.

Obesity, chemotherapy, or cancer treatment with radiation and other medical conditions can cause erectile dysfunction. While it affects a large number of older men, not every person over 50 has ED. The risk of erectile dysfunction may be minimized to a significant degree. These 5 wellness recommendations are believed to reduce the risk of men developing erectile dysfunction.


  • Healthy Diet


Your diet will either improve the risk of erectile dysfunction or decrease it. Any diet that is bad for a man’s heart is also not ideal for his erectile capacity. If you have Food issues, then stop or limit the intake of salty, sugary, and high-calorie meals such as hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken.

Studies have found that men whose diet included lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, heart-healthy fats, and fish — with no red meat and processed grains — is less likely to suffer erectile dysfunction. Adding watermelon to your diet will even lower the risk of developing ED. Watermelon contains a very high concentration of citrulline, an amino acid known to enhance the supply of blood through the penis, thus increasing erection. Feed the right thing and you will stop the erectile dysfunction that is so much feared.


  • Maintain your weight


It’s important to remember, when you adhere to a balanced diet, that your weight still counts. Being fat or overweight can lead to a variety of health problems, including type 2 diabetes, which can cause body-wide nerve damage. If the nerves that supply the penis are damaged by diabetes, then ED can result.


  • Exercise


Exercising is a good way to treat erectile dysfunction and a perfect way to keep ED at bay as well. Significant evidence exists that links a sedentary lifestyle to erectile dysfunction. Aerobic workouts like biking, swimming, rowing, or playing certain sports boost the heart’s wellbeing and can reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

According to a Harvard-published study, men who exercise for about 30 minutes per day saw a 41 percent reduction in risk of ED. Other evidence indicates mild exercise on a regular basis may help improve sexual function in obese middle-aged men.

The pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, have also proved to be a perfect way to stop ED. This can help increase penile blood flow and reinforce the muscles around your groin. You can do this almost anywhere-clench your pelvic muscles, stay for 5 seconds, then release. Do this a few times and switch between sitting and standing.


  • Quit smoking 


In comparison, smoking does not need to be severe to induce erectile dysfunction. Cigarettes will destroy the blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the penis if consumed over a period of time. Nicotine allows blood vessels to compress, which can hinder the flow of blood to the penis.

Another known cause of erectile dysfunction is hormones. These medications, which athletes and bodybuilders often misuse, can shorten the testicles and drain their capacity to produce testosterone. Another aspect that should be addressed is prescription narcotics, which may also be a cause you might suffer erectile dysfunction.


  • Avoid Stress


Heat, high blood pressure, and elevated levels of cholesterol are also bad things for a man’s erection. Stress increases the adrenaline hormone levels and causes blood vessels to contract. So do whatever you can to relieve the stress and physically feel stronger. Perhaps giving a big boost to his personal life. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are known to damage blood vessels, including those that bring blood to the penis. If you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, it is best to get it treated. If left to linger, it will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.

Other Treatments for ED:

A variety of prescription medicines are available which can increase the supply of blood into the penis. Medications widely used are Sildenafil Citrate Kamagra Oral Jelly, Tadalafil Vidalista 20, and Vardenafil Vilitra 20. This can create an erection, in conjunction with sexual stimulation.

Please contact your doctor before taking any medicines for ED.

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