Top digital marketing agency Onlizo offers free support to companies that have been heavily affected by Covid19



Onlizo has announced that they want to give free advice to companies that have been heavily affected by Covid19. They indicate that Digital Marketing is an important factor in initiating the financial recovery of companies and wanting to help companies with advice. Onlizo is known in the United States because they work with different big celebrities in the field of branding,  social media management and growth hacking. Onlizo is one of the largest players in the field of Artist Marketing worldwide. The company has played an important role in the digital growth of various rappers, pop stars and companies. It was already clear in advance that Onlizo would receive a lot of reactions, Onlizo announced an hour after the post in a new post that they have received 232 messages and will answer them all. It is not the first time that Onlizo shows emphasis and is committed to others entrepreneurs / consumers. Below is the message that Onlizo posted.


Many companies and entrepreneurs have been duped by the consequences of the corona crisis. It is important to help each other during this difficult time. Digital Marketing is an essential factor in getting your business running again. That is why we as Onlizo want to help you with FREE advice on using digital marketing to achieve maximum return. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will answer your question with advice. ”


Onlizo is a good example of a company that is so big but still helps others during a crisis. We believe that more companies are needed in this world to help each other during periods when possible. We as Techkrest hope to see more entrepreneurs who actually want to help each other.

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