Best Vortex-Genie Mixer In The Market



While setting up a lab, whether it is for a school, home labs, or research labs, one of the most commonly encountered devices is a vortex mixer. It is an essential piece of equipment that is used to mix small amounts of liquids. The low footprint and high RPM makes it extraordinary and useful. It was invented in 1960 by the Kraft brothers who were working in scientific industries at that time.

You would need a vortex mixer to be lightweight and have good speed controls. You will use a vortex mixer for mixing small vials of liquids quickly. Hence, it is perfect for the experiments you do to separate the pellet and supernatant of your mixer or mix the substances, diluent of experimental samples in the solvent for your experiment in the research lab or to mix paints, adhesives in a home.

Instrumentation And Mechanism Of Vortex Mixer

The device has a simple orientation of instruments. It has five main parts:

  • Embedded control system
  • DC motor
  • Sample holder
  • Vertical shaft system
  • Rubber cup

After the sample mixture is put on the sample holder from the embedded control system, the speed is set. The power from the motor transferred to the sample creates a vortex-like circulatory rotating pattern.

It is one of the easily available mixing machines in bioscience laboratories. The mechanism of this device is quite easy:

  • A motor is connected to a drive shaft that is vertically placed and attached to the cupped rubber piece on top of the machine.
  • When the electric motor runs, the drive shaft creates rotation in the rubber cup and the test tube or container that was attached to the rubber cup.
  • The solvent in the container is mixed at a high speed to derive the desired state of mixture.

Buying Guidelines For A Vortex Mixer


Genie Vortex-Genie 2 SI-0236 is an adjustable mini Vortex mixer model with tough metal housing, speed regulation: high speed and low speed, eccentric shaft design, shock mode with maximum 50 mL capacity and is perfect for centrifugation of test tube. It has an adjustable knob with a wide range of RPM speed indicated by 1 to 10 and a powerful DC motor attached to the shaft.


  • Small size and easy to control
  • Convenient for all kind of laboratories
  • Adjustable rpm speed
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Wide speed range
  • Touch and continuous mode
  • Orbital 3 in diameter
  • Metallic housing with an anti-skid platform
  • Long-lasting sturdy metallic case
  • Up to 50mL mixing capacity
  • Works with biological and chemical samples, nail polish, adhesives, and other tough liquids
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Long-lasting black rubber head

Few Final Words

The affordable and strong iron-cased vortex genie is perfect for bio labs and chemical labs for studying and creating new products. Its powerful and adjustable vortex rotation is convenient and easy to use for mixing. The miniature model is consistent and comes with the touch feature. Vortex-Genie can mix biosamples, paints, and chemicals easily within minutes.

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