Career During Covid



Regardless of whether you’re already working, about to graduate, or seeking a job, there are a lot of questions in regards to how Covid-19 will affect your career. 

Entering another national lockdown, it’s important to understand how you can still work and support yourself and your family during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Prepare Yourself

It’s vital to remember that your skills for business are more valuable than ever before. This year, many of the larger employers offer great graduate jobs that will allow for many great opportunities. There are also many apprenticeships and school leave programs that have helped to keep people employed. 

Here Are Some Ways To Prepare Yourself

Learn the latest advice on how to hunt for a job during a pandemic.

Learn how universities are changing to enable distance learning and more during the pandemic. Find out what this means to you, as a student, during the pandemic. 

Read the 7 ways to improve graduate employability.

If you’re still stuck at home, fine-tune your CV and study how to write an eye-catching statement or job description. Create your own CV video and learn how to sell yourself

Polish your presence online. Ensure that your social media is up-to-date and focus on your job search.

It’s very unlikely that during the pandemic there will be many face-to-face job interviews. Focus on video interviews or phone interviews. 

Consider freelancing as an option or even contract jobs to work your way through the pandemic. 

Explore other online options to help hone and improve your skills. 

Learn more about how you can work virtually.

Learn which skills are in shortage during the pandemic.

Find ways to look after your own mental health. 

This is an ideal time to listen to a podcast like Future You. Even if you have had to scrap your plans for a career, for now, you’re going to find vital information to help you during the pandemic. Visit Barclay Simpson for more information on the job market.

Stay In Touch With Your Career Advisors

Many universities are still in operation and offer career advisors to aid their students in job searches even in a pandemic. Entire programs are available online and despite the crisis, they are working hard to help people stay employed or gain employment.

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