Pietro Pizzorni: The Dapper DJ Is Bringing Back



As the modern music scene continues to be flooded by hoodies and baggy pants, one man has decided to change the script and revive class, creating an explosive combination of timeless charm and modern impact along the way.

Pietro Pizzorni is an accomplished DJ and electronic music aficionado, but he´s also an actor, model, brand ambassador, and tattoo artist. For Pietro, style is a way of life, and living in sunny Miami where tank tops and flip flops are more common than haute couture, the iconic fashionista decided to take matters into his own hands.

He is now known for igniting a cultural revolution that includes music, fashion blogging, high profile brand collaborations and a rock solid commitment to bringing the gentleman code back, as Pietro himself expresses:

“There’s very little class, the way men dress in Miami,” Pietro says. “I’m bringing back elegance, class and the aesthetic of a true gentleman with the clothes I wear.”

Primarily known as a DJ, Pietro’s passion for music persists. For 12 years, he has spent time evolving his sound with the patterns of electronic music, house and underground, reinventing the sound and image of the genre with his gentleman persona. With residencies in major Miami nightclubs Wall, Floyd and Treehouse, Pietro is now focused on producing six new tracks to be released over the course of this year. Up ahead, the progressive gentleman looks forward to releasing his single, “Axiom” on Go Deeva Records. The single will debut in March during Miami Music Week and the Winter Music Conference. Inspired by sounds he encountered while traveling to places like Ibiza, Berlin, & Tulum, Pietro now experiments with melodic techno and tech house tones.


This summer Pietro looks forward to performing at Tomorrowland, the world’s largest and notable music festival based in Belgium. Later in the year, as part of the reputable Ultra Music Festival, he will additionally tour with the group’s Resistance tour in October throughout their South American tour. With the Resistance tour, he will take on major cities throughout South America with his tour manager Juan Carlos Dominguez, owner of “Feel the Club,” Pietro’s South American DJ agency. Visiting cities this year in Europe, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and more, Pietro will be seen DJing, often in a three-piece tuxedo all as part of his gentleman persona.

To learn more about Pietro, whether his music, his fashion or his pursuit of perfecting the art of a gentleman, visit his Instagram.

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