Australian Instagram Hunk Jade Kevin Foster Is Worth $1,000,000



Enterprises all over the world are going crazy over instagram influencers as they are becoming more and more popular in the world. There is no better way of marketing a brand at this point in time than getting a sponsored post from an Instagram celebrity, or maybe we can call them influencers. These people really influence the way their followers think, buy and even wear their clothes. This is the reason why the most popular Instagram influencer in Australia, Jade Kevin Foster is living a life that most of us can only dream of.

He Is Worth $1,000,000

This is huge – his total worth was evaluated to be $1,000,000. This makes him the richest and the most popular Instagram celebrity in Australia and many other parts of the world. It is acquired from some sources that he charges $55,000 AUD for one sponsored post. This is a huge amount but when the brands see the kind of impact he has on the people who follow him, this doesn’t seem so big.

About The Hunk Jade Kevin Foster

Mr Foster 27 years old turning 28 on the 19th of may this year. This guy has a huge followers base of more than 3 million, and it is growing. This is the reason why this guy gets so many sponsorship requests from brands and so much money too. Why do people follow him? He is a model and he looks dashing, and his pictures on his Instagram profile are evidence.

This young man has pictures with the likes of Kim Kardashian, which is huge. He himself is a model and has done many shoots from where he also gets paid. The main reason why he is such a big deal is the social media presence he has and the life he lives. We, along with a lot of his followers, are just jealous of his lifestyle. This guy can do anything he wants. This is the reason why he can buy a diamond-encrusted watch and still not pay attention to it.

He makes anyone’s life look very average. This is not just about normal people, it is about the celebrities that we love and admire. He is not as big as film stars but he still gets more money for his Instagram sponsored content than most of them. He is also an inspiration for a lot of models. The way he has grown to be so successful and rich, many people will believe that nothing is impossible in this digital era.

He Has A Diamond Encrusted Patek Philippe Watch Worth $225,000

This might sound like a big deal for most of us – this guy bought a diamond-encrusted watch from Patek Philippe that was worth $225,000. People who have money can fulfill their wildest fantasies. This man has been creating the base on many social media platforms for a long time and now finally he is getting his dues.

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