Asaf Alblink – the humble donor that arrange hundreds of warm holyday meals in Tiberias



There are friendships that will not hold on in the moment of truth compared to friendships that will last for years. But what about friendships created along with the discovery that they can bring good and charity to the world? The story of Asaf Alblink’s contribution to a large number of residences of Tiberias is exactly the answer.

The story of Asaf Alblink and Shneor Torkov started in a random meeting in Costa-Rica. Shneor Torkov was a Habad delegate in the beautiful beach area of Santa Tereza where delegates made various activities for the Israelis leaving in this area and for Israeli tourists. Asaf Alblink was one of the tourists that became very much connected to Shneor and they both stayed in touch afterwards. When Shneor finished his mission in Costa-Rica, he arrived at Tiberias in order to operate the Habad House located in the city and help the residents. His main goal was to establish a Soup Kitchen to help distributing food and hot meals. The place, which is located at D neighborhood in the city was supposed to handle many distress populations which number grows every year, almost without any external help. Shneor Torkov opened the soup kitchen but he was not familiar with the city residences and had difficulties in finding people that would help. At this stage, Shneor reached Asaf Alblink and described to him the needs of this institute. Asaf immediately decided to help and his willingness to help, although he has no connection to the city or its residences, surprised even Shneor himself that already knew Asaf’s kindhearted.

Far from the eye and close to the heart: the contribution of Asaf Alblink to the residences of Tiberias

In Tiberias, that suffers from deep poverty, an attempt is done, as much as possible, to raise a smile on people’s faces. The public housing is in large scale in the city, allowing the state to help weak populations by giving them dwelling in the city. In this manner families accepts housing and can come and live in Tiberias but from the other hand they still need help on daily life which include a lot of needs and things. Habad House, managed by Shneor Torkov, is trying to fil those needs by providing food, clothing, learning equipment and more. Asaf Alblink is considered one of the essential arms of this place since Shneor started his role there and his blessed activity help many families to be happy during the holidays. Asaf Alblink himself help and donate also in other places including in his hometown – Ramat Hasharon, by closing paying debts in food and grocery local stores and supermarkets and helping Habad House and the “Habait Hacham” association managed by Rabbi Yehuda Butman. Asaf Alblink also succeed in recruiting many volunteers that allow the growth of the donation and help organization. But considering the massive assistance he is giving remotely to Tiberias residences, it is about charity and donation to people far from the eye, unknown people, and yet a contribution that is hardly met nowadays in Israel. In terms of the city of Tiberias, it is all about an incredible anonymous and extraordinary mission. Asaf Alblink does not know in person none the city residences but he is willing to help them in every possible way, especially on holidays, so they will not remain lonely or hungry.


Coupons for Passover and “Seder” meal: Hundreds of families will be able to celebrate together this year also.

Soup house of Tiberias is located in D blocks. Poor neighborhood with approximately 20,000 residences which is about half of the city population. It is a large tough and unequal neighborhood where one can find families in all standards of living. During the year there are voluntary activities in Tiberias but the real volunteering and giving are at their peak in Passover eve (Leil Haseder). The Seder meal on behalf of Habad house in Tiberias is performed in four different centers in the neighborhood and allows about 500 families to have that meal without any cost. Due to the blessed support of Asaf Alblink to Tiberias residences, many more families accept holiday buying coupons regularly. These coupons which are donated by Asaf Alblink himself, allows people to enter the holiday with greater welfare, with a smile and with a feeling that they are not left alone. These coupons provide the budget to buy food products for the holiday meal and the rest of the holiday and allow families to celebrate together and enjoy, to forget for a moment from daily problems and more important – to sleep with a full belly. Because of the donation and activity, the caring and kindhearted of Asaf Alblink, the residences of Tiberias will enjoy all these this year as well.

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