The Mistakes to be avoided in Wikipedia Page Creation



The first and foremost brand in delivering information and knowledge has been taken over by Wikipedia for over more than 19 years

With a very big team working behind in building trust and authority among the public, Wikipedia pages have become a question of pride for any enterprise and having one seems to make any business authoritative.

While having Wikipedia pages are very important and crucial to any business, it is not so easy to get one page prepared without mistakes and clutters. There are a lot of Wikipedia page creation service providers who look into this to help you out

Why should you have a Wikipedia page?  


  • Integrity and Credibility


Today’s generation researches into the core before they invest in anything. 

And it is important that your website has a Wikipedia page that will improve the integrity and credibility of your business face.  Also, the page being transparent will bring in the transparent nature of your company too. 


  • Search friendly


Organic searches will have a higher chance of ending up on your pages with the help of Wikipedia pages. Google relies a lot on Wikipedia pages to bring the results and analysis say that 55% of the searches show Wikipedia pages.

With strong backlinking purposes and effective methods, the search engine visibility of your websites will be enhanced bringing more traffic to the webpages. 


  • Increase in Sales


With an increase in visibility and credibility, the direct impact can be seen on sales and returns. This will improve your company’s growth manifolds.

Making a Wikipedia page will require a lot of guidelines and abiding by them will only help you get the results that you want. Making mistakes while making a Wikipedia page can take your page down and can even put you in a situation of no going back.

So, avoiding the mistakes that are usually done by people is the first step. Here are the basic mistakes many make while making Wikipedia pages.


  • Use the right citations


We have heard thousands of people complaining about their deleted Wikipedia page after publishing and you too might be here for the same reasons.

One of the major reasons why this happens is the usage of citations. As Wikipedia quotes on the verification, Wikipedia is a summary of genuine and relevant information. Hence, the citations, which is the backbone of Wikipedia must be used in the most credible way.

A random media post or a website link might not appear authoritative for Wikipedia. Wikipedia is based on reliable secondary links.

Finding reliable sources is a bit subjective and it is based on the writers. If the sources meet the fact-checking criteria, then, they are good to be used. 

It is always a good practice to find the resources first and to tell what those resources tell about the topic. You cannot tell what you want to say, but only cite what the reliable sources say about the topic. 


  • Using promotional language


You can always speak about your company, SPEAK FACTS. You cannot use promotional language.

Wikipedia pages have to be neutral. Exploiting the influential and promotional side of Wikipedia is up to the company outside Wikipedia. Bt the article must be free of subjective adverbs and flattering words.

Wiki Puffery is the puffing of a subject or the addition of praise-filled adjectives and claims. This is considered as breaching the guidelines of Wikipedia which might delete your page.


  • No research works on Wikipedia


Wikipedia cannot be used to publish research works as they are NEW INFORMATION which is not already stated or cited.

Also, you cannot synthesise new information from the already existing information which might be reliable.

Wikipedia has explained the phenomenon of SYNTH which is the synthesis of new information that looks like to be created to confirm a new fact. This explains why original research is not acceptable in Wikipedia.


  • Publishing non-noticeable articles.


This is something that must be avoided.

Whenever you create a page and Wikipedia warns you about the non-noticeability or not meeting the threshold of noticing, you are not supposed to create the page.

If you create the page which does not meet the guidelines, the page will be automatically deleted and this will cause difficulties in creating a new page with the subject. It is better to hire a professional to create a Wikipedia page, where many digital marketing companies in Bangalore provide. They will have a dedicated team where they will adhere to the wiki guidelines to create a page.

Doing the same multiple times will lead to a situation where only the admin can create a page. So, it is important that you meet all the conditions before publishing the article.


  • Writing an autobiography is not a good idea


Wikipedia doesn’t allow you to write a Wikipedia page on yourselves or your company. This is because it may end up to be a biased or opinionated article with promotional language involved.

Also, the article must contain facts about the subject which are true and noteworthy enough to be on Wikipedia.


  • Copyright issues


While Wikipedia needs information that is from valid and reliable sources, it must not be directly copied from them and plagiarism is not allowed.

The summary of the information must be presented in the article without affecting the copyrights. 

Whenever there are issues to the Wikipedia page that you can create it is advisory to take an expert opinion about the issue and rectify it correctly. 

If you have conflicts being raised on the page, there might be a voting session to decide to “keep” or “not keep”. 

We have seen people who would simply create other Wikipedia accounts to vote “keep” to resolve the issue. But these accounts will be found out to be non-relevant with no trace of activity and will soon be deactivated by Wikipedia admins.

It is always better to explain yourselves with relevant sources and points rather than a long talk or a simple vote if you think you are justifiable.

With so much importance to Wikipedia pages in building your market strategy and also having to care so many things about creating one, you must give an extra eye that an expert is there to get the work done. 

Today, a lot of digital marketing agencies see to this as a service are successful in creating pages that do not get deleted.

So, get your pages to rank high and get the business moving!

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