What makes Custom Gift Boxes better than Stock Packaging?



Let’s take a trip down the memory lane. Back in 1995, every packaging box seems exactly the same. Every box in the house has the same brown shade and identical size. Brands have nothing at their disposal to distinguish themselves from their direct competitors. How…appalling. 

Stock packaging may not cost you an arm and a leg, but it’s a complete waste of marketing spend. Since it makes a buying experience dreadful. Thus, in a market where nearly four out of five (75%) customers care about product packing design, custom gift boxes cannot be overlooked. In fact, they should be used to:

  • Surpass customers’ expectations and lure them to your brand.
  • Set your product apart from others on the crowded shelf.
  • Make your consumers feel valued and cared for.
  • Boost word-of-mouth marketing. 


Dreary Brown Boxes are so Last Decade 

Though Amazon needs no introduction, the titan of e-commerce cannot personalize their packaging. Amazon has become so big that it has lost the human touch. From their perspective, it doesn’t make much sense to create a personalized experience. 

But the reality is countless businesses have thrived because of their human side of the brand. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that investing in premium custom gift boxes is a smart move. These boxes make your customers fell in love with your brand for what you do. 

Irrefutable Connection between Custom Gift Boxes & Brand Perception 

According to a study, 68 percent of the buyers acknowledged that custom printed gift boxes give your brand and product a chic feel. Unfortunately, stock packaging would never evoke that sensation. This is where custom made gift boxes saves the day for you. Most of all, these boxes help improve the perceived value of your brand and:

  • Plays a significant role at the last stage of the buying decision process. 
  • Highlight that you care about your customers.
  • Allow you to show why & what you do. 
  • Help elevate the image of your brand. 

With a bespoke packaging solution, customers can instantly figure out that they are getting value against their money without making any prominent changes in their product. Additionally, it paves the way for developing a human link with your corporation. 

Gift Boxes Printing adds a Touch of Elegance to your Brand 

Gift-like boxes are often associated with high-end brands. They portray that you pay attention to every detail and love to improve the customer experience. It’s an excellent way to enhance your brand perception without spending a fortune or changing the functionality of your product. 

Today, if customers find your packaging appropriate they won’t mind reusing it. So carve a sturdy packaging solution that can effectively convey your marketing message when your customers carry it around. 

Marketing by Word of Mouth Rule them All

There is nothing more challenging than encouraging customers to spread the word about your business. But if you manage to do that it’ll be 100 percent free marketing for your business that can help you build a base of devoted customers. Best of all, it’s incredibly effective.  

During a survey, 74 percent of the participants said that word-of-mouth marketing greatly inspires their purchase decision. While 92 percent stated that they would trust recommendations from family and friends over advertisements. 

 Sure, this is cool, but what it has to do with gift boxes printing.  

Well, two out of five people are more likely to post the picture of your brand on their social networks owing to the custom packaging. So engage The Legacy Printing today to create a free avenue for your business.

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