Making fun with kraft paper box at your parties

One of the most functional ways to package products in the market, Kraft paper packaging, is widely being used by product manufacturers to ensure the integrity of their goods. These boxes are not only perfect in functionality but are also famous for their matchless versatile, and customizable nature. 
They are also sustainable and can help businesses in making their carbon footprint low. These Eco-friendly boxes also provide the businesses with an ultimate medium to elevate their sales and hook the attention of consumers. They can be printed using options such as digital and offset techniques in addition to several laminations and foiling options.

Why Kraft packaging?

Packaging is the backbone of modern commerce as it helps businesses in bundles of different aspects. Basically, these boxes are protective barriers for the products that keep the damaging factors away from products and ensure the safe delivery of products. With the new and advanced materials available in the market, the new packaging is highly perfect for helping businesses in bundles of factors. Kraft packaging is now widely being used by marketers due to the bundles of benefits it provides. 
They are superior in their protective nature and can also be customized according to the precise requirements of the products. They are also highly sustainable due to the organic nature of Kraft material that can be used for a long period of time, in addition to their recyclable nature. Such designs of Kraft paper boxes are not only perfect for helping businesses elevate their repute in the market but also serve in promotional processes.

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Giving old packaging a new life

Packaging solutions such as Kraft boxes are highly perfect in the sturdiness and functional nature, and they can be used for protecting the products for the long term. Due to the highly functional nature of the packaging, they can prove to be the perfect DIY material. They are sturdy and versatile in nature and are also highly easy to handle. 
While talking about DIYs, they prove effective due to ease of customization and handling, and you can cut and mold them in any desired shape and size easily at your home by only using some basic tools. They are also easy to cut and can help to make clean crafts without any residue or imperfections at the corners. Their ease of handling also proves to be perfect as you can make creative crafts by using them without any special experience.

DIY crafts for parties

Celebrations and parties are the perfect way for you to break your busy routine and have some fun time. Parties such as birthdays and weddings are not only perfect for enjoying but also to make the day special for loved ones. You always have to elevate the joy and experience for the special ones and make the event memorable for them. 
A simple and fun way to do this is by making creative party crafts out of the old packaging. Eco friendly packaging wholesale supplies can be used for these crafts as they are sturdy and versatile. Moreover, such packaging can also be easily found lying around empty, and you can give it a new life with something creative. Here are some of the ideas for you to make creative party crafts out of the old packaging materials.

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Decoration stars

Embellishing the place of the party is always important to elevate the experience for the guests. Decorative items are usually high-priced and can cost you a hefty sum of money, but what if you can make some easily by using old packaging? The project is highly easy and worth doing. You only need some essential supplies such as scissors, a paper cutter, a pencil, a ruler and glue. Follow these simple steps afterward.

  • Cut open an old packaging box to acquire plain sheets of Kraft
  • Use a pencil to make stars of different sizes on the Kraft paper
  • Cut the stars using a scissor
  • Take a ruler and score the mid-section of every star (use the opposite side of the scissors to do so, be careful to not cut the Kraft) 
  • Slightly twist the edges of stars to give it a 3D look
  • Make cardboard hangers and glue them at the back for hanging on walls.

Goofy spectacles

Parties are always incomplete without fun wear, and making goofy spectacles out of old cardboard material help you save some time and money. The project is also a fun one as you are free to unleash your creativity. Simply grab some embellishing materials, some essential tools such as scissors and glue with old packaging, and you are ready to go. 
They are highly easy to make, and you can come up with a one-of-a-kind unique design for yourself. The only key to making them is ensuring symmetry between both sides, just like a pair of glasses. Try different shapes as you want, ranging from hearts to stars. Cut them and glue some embellishments on top. Take a stick and glue it on one side to make the spectacles easy to hold; you are just ready to go.

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Lanterns for décor

Enhancing the aesthetics of a party is important and crafty lanterns can be perfect for you to do it. Simply grab old eco friendly packaging wholesale supplies and cut them open to get the Kraft material. Here are the easiest steps for you to follow and make the lanterns at home.

  • Cut a rectangle out of Kraft material
  • Fold and crease it in half 
  • Unfold it and make a cylinder out of the Kraft, leaving a nice scored line in the middle
  • Cut straight lines from top to bottom
  • Make a hangar at the top by using strips of Kraft paper
  • Use embellishments and other small objects such as leaves on the strips to elevate the visuals creatively and innovatively.

The possibilities of making crafts while utilizing the old packaging materials are endless. Packaging materials such as cardboard and Kraft are highly versatile and can be molded in any desired shape and size of choice; the only thing holding you back is your creativity.

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