Kamolwan and Alexander David Manns Predicted To Make $1Million Day One Of Fashion Fantasy

Confidence is king when launching a new enterprise, and business owners Kamolwan and Alexander David Manns are oozing it. We chatted to the pair about their new e-Commerce venture Fashion Fantasy.

 What is the inspiration behind fashion Fantasy?

To build a brand that will stand here 100’s of years to come. A brand that stands for something. In this case, I want Fashion Fantasy to stand for women empowerment and not just that but mainly unity. People don’t realize brands can unite or divide. While huge expensive brands divide the wealthy from the poor, a company such as Fashion Fantasy will unite the world!


How long have you been working on the brand Fashion Fantasy?


 Fashion Fantasy has been in the works for about 2-3 years honestly. Planning the entire operation and logistics and advertising of the company was important but mainly we wanted every style and piece of clothing to be unique. 


You recently stated in an interview, that you predict $1Million in sales day one. Can you expand on that?


Well, I’ve led multiple projects in fashion and e-commerce that’s done $100k-800k in sales daily, as far as projects I’ve worked with other business owners on however, Fashion Fantasy is my own brand so you can expect that same effort but times 100x. I know my customers and what they like and once you know that the sky is the limit.


What makes you so confident? 


My team and I, work very hard to make things happen and in our experience you don’t have to be the smartest or the person with the most experience but you do have to be the hardest working in the room. Hard work beats experience every time.

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What business models are you using to hit that target?


I wouldn’t say it’s a business model because I don’t really like comparing myself to other businesses or companies. We are however very focused on customer service and the customer’s needs. That’s the most important part about owning a business it’s the customer relations and how you meet their needs.


Can you explain a bit about your marketing strategy?

We tend to focus on all parts of the world. While most companies market to just America or Europe we want Fashion Fantasy to be a brand of the world. I believe that no female in one country is more important than another so why not give each country the same access to my clothing that the other has.


Are you using social media influencers?


We work with tons of influencers and celebs and it’s an amazing experience. 


We are excited to see Fashion Fantasy unfold. Stay up to date on all thing Fashion Fantasy and Alexander David Manns visit: www.instagram.com/AlexanderDavidManns | www.instagram.com/FashionFantasyCo

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