Some Great Tips on Finding a New Partner


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When it comes to finding a new partner in this day and age, many of us now turn to dating apps rather than your traditional dating agency. Examples of popular apps include Match, Tinder and Bumble, and these have really taken the market by storm.

Using the dating apps however is only the first step in a complicated quest in order to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Most of us struggle even with the simple things like making a decent dating profile for example. This usually takes a bit of practice and sometimes even getting a third eye can be very helpful, as we can quite often be our worst critics.

If you don’t want to get some professional help in for whatever reason, in the form of a life or dating coach, then you might want to look online for some great how to get a girlfriend guides, which will give you a step by step guide, or checklist of things to look at.

Some of the common items you will find across guides like this will include things like brushing up your appearance. Although this might sound straightforward, looking good can actually really make your feel much more confident. As the old adage goes ‘when you look good you feel good’ – and so this this is really something to pay attention to. Especially if you have been going on countless dates and not getting results. Then its probably a good idea to make changes to your approach.

Another area where many of us fall down is another basic thing – conversation. One of the best things to do is let your date talk as much as you can. People love nothing more than talking about themselves, and so therefore staying away from controversial topics such as religion and politics is key. Also using open ended questions will encourage your date to open up a bit more.

An absolute no-no is to start talking about past relationships to your date. This should come much further down the line, and not something you should engage in during a first date.

There are literally load so different things that we must pay attention to when trying to find a new partner. And really, it’s a case of fine tuning all the time until you really feel that you’ve cracked it. Finding a new partner or girlfriend needn’t be a life long quest if you follow some good solid basic principles, and more importantly DON’T GIVE UP! 

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