Katanna Clarke rescues a pug puppy and we can’t thank her enough


Life style

As usual stray animals are prone to find themselves in the most unfortunate and disturbing situations way too often. It gets worse when there is no one to help them around and the situation can become dire in a few seconds. One such incident was recently encountered with Katanna when she saved a pug puppy from drowning in a pool. It is fortunate that there are times when the most admirable thing a person can do for any injured soul, especially an animal is to put it out of its misery. Tragic as it may be, it is a tough call but most of the time it is the only action you can do to bring an end to the animal’s suffering.

The gist of the incident

Katanna Clarke (Former Miss Brazil USA) was at a friend’s place relishing the indoor brunch and that’s when she overheard the noise. She was quick enough to move and figure out what’s wrong and found that a puppy was trapped in the pool and was unable to get out of the water. When she encountered the stranded and drowning puppy she immediately moved for his rescue.  She knew that only by acting fast she can save his life and without wasting a second she grabbed the puppy and out of the pool and made sure he is safe and sound. She gently lifted the puppy out of the pool and made sure that he was free of any wounds and injuries. Katanna crossed incredible heights for rescuing the poor puppy and it surely appeared that even the dog admired the help. Dogs are naturally good swimmers, but the puppies can get into serious trouble when they are led by no one. Probably the same tragedy might have occurred with the little puppy where he ended up in a pool.

Katanna and her fantastic teamwork

Helping animals especially in terms of serious troubles is always a problematic trick. Moreover, the natural Instinct of animals is resistance towards us, and when they are scared or hurt it can get impossible to navigate a way out. Attempting to give a helping hand to the stray animals, Katanna has also adopted three pets during the pandemic and with the latest edition now she has a full of 4 pets. For quite a while she is looking after them through every means. Katanna knows that she has to cover a great deal and remain patient with her approach towards helping the stray animals. For which she is planning to invest in a small property in California where she can give shelter to the animals (stray dogs and cats) and help them foster.

Thank goodness for the help she has received all along as it has made it a little easy for her to escape them from their sufferings. Katanna is working with an objective to offer quality care and life essentials to the animals who can’t get a new home.

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