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A home is the manifestation of hopes and dreams. It’s something that everyone wants to achieve at some point in their life as it signifies independence as well as stability. But even more important than these, buying a new apartment means ensuring a life of comfort and peace for your family as well as your future generations. That’s why it is of paramount importance to find the right one.

During your search for the perfect home, you may have come across words such as ‘Vaastu compliant’ interiors or apartments that adhere to ‘Vaastu principles’. Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what they mean? Of course, buying an apartment is an investment of a lifetime and all measures need equal attention.

This also includes an understanding of Vaastucompliant apartments in Kolkata.

In short, it is a set of guidelines that consist of geometric patterns and directional alignments inside your home. This traditional practice is said to bring prosperity and happiness to residents. By virtue of the layout, design and measurements, you can attract positive energy and pave the way for a better lifestyle inside.

Whether newresidential projects in Kolkata South or North, you can actually optimize the benefits of nature’s energies through the science of symmetry, direction and positioning.

Here are a few benefits from the same:

  • Allows maximum influx of natural light and air
  • Good fortune that is applicable to several aspects of life
  • Fosters better relationships among families inside
  • Attracts positivity while repelling negative energy

How Morya Integrates the Principles of Vaastu Inside

It is said that every establishment has 8 major directions. From these, the primary ones are North, South, East and West while the secondary ones are North-East, South-East, South-West & North-West.

Keeping the significance of these directions in mind, here are the Vaastu considerations of Morya as dictated by Mr Deepak Agarwal, one of the premier Vaastu consultants of the city.

Let’s take Block B2 as an example.

Block B2

Apartment Type A:

  • Entry : East entry (Best as per Vaastu)
  • Master Bedroom: South-west facing
  • Toilets: There are no toilets in north-east and east
  • Kitchen: South-east
  • Brahmasthaan: There is no pillar in the centre of the apartment

Apartment Type B:

  • Entry: West facing
  • Master Bedroom: South-west facing
  • Toilets: There are no toilets in north-east and east
  • Kitchen: North-west
  • Brahmasthaan: There is no pillar in the centre on the apartment

Designed with every Vaastu consideration in mind, let’s take a closer glimpse at Morya.

Embrace Healthy, Happy Living with Morya’s 3/4 BHK Flats in Kolkata

Morya is a splendid example of how life becomes effortless with ease where key conveniences are within walking distance. Where the best of the city can be found at your doorstep. Where modern living in a prime locality becomes a reality. Such is the experience when you opt for popular and newresidential projects in South Kolkata.

And with Morya. It gets even better!

Similar to the peacock, the term is a symbol of royalty that shines bright through the quality of its homes. Besides the splendid positioning, its 3 BHK flats in Tollygunge are spacious in the truest sense of the term and are embellished by resplendent colours and visuals.

Outside, you become a private spectator to the beauty of the Tolly Club Golf Course. Within the comforts of your home, these 4 BHK flats in Kolkatabring you exclusive sights of its vast expanse and lush greenery. You’ll also find a large area inside the project dedicated to green areas and open space for the perfect fusion of nature and modernity.

Ready to find out what sets it apart from other Vaastu compliant apartments in Kolkata?

The Beauty of Morya: 9 Major Highlights You Should Definitely Know

  • Expansive living area for residents with 3/4 BHK homes
  • Stellar panoramic view of the Tolly Club Golf Course
  • IGBC Pre-Certified Building for green and serene living
  • Ample green cover with lawns, play area, etc.
  • Gymnasium, spa and other modern in-house conveniences
  • Easy access to educational institutions
  • RSV and M.R.Bangur can be reached within a few minutes
  • 80% open space within a secure, gated community
  • Smooth commute with Tollygunge Metro Station

Recognized by CREDAI as the Best Upcoming Mid Segment Residential Project, Morya truly signifies excellence in living standards. Hence, it has made a mark of distinction among the countless new residential projects in Kolkata’s south region. Moreover, it means keeping your family in a safe, upscale neighbourhood with hassle-free access to the key essentials of daily life.

Each of its features combines to give your loved ones something that’s far from the ordinary – a life that’s defined by perpetual bliss and comfort at a premium address. That’s precisely what these 3 BHK apartments in Tollygunge aim to provide – modern conveniences and quality experiences.

So settle for nothing but the best.

Discover the benefits of Vaastu compliant homes now with Morya.

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