How Do I Sell My Art Work



As an artist, I grew up thinking that as long as I have a board, some acrylics, a brush on my hand, and a cup of brewed coffee twice a day, I’d survive. Well, it’s not the case. I realized that to keep pace with my passion, I need to know the art of monetizing my talent and skill. But how do I sell my art? Where should I start selling my art collection? Follow my journey as I discovered how to thrive while doing what I love.

Why do many artists lack the confidence to sell their art?

I am no exception to the thought that artwork is only at its peak value if the artist is dead. Even Van Gogh sold only one painting throughout his lifetime! It is also undeniable how difficult to connect to art galleries and collectors unless you already made a name in the art industry. How do I sell my art if it seems like me against the world? But that did not lose my heart in my arts. Every stroke of my brush now aims for two rooted purposes- to satisfy my passion and start my own art business.

Are you with me? Check out these quick tips to get your art out there.

How do I sell my art to our community?

My family and our community are well aware of the hobby that I passionately do. And thank god they love the art that I am making. I started to sell my art when I was in college. I sell my art by creating custom artwork for my classmates and neighbors.

Five years ago, I gave one of my college best friends a portrait painting as a gift on her graduation. She posted it on Facebook that evening. Earlier that day, I was wondering about how do I sell my art to a more vast audience. Well, she gave me a bright idea.

How do I sell my art online?

From then, I created a social media account to showcase my artwork. Some of the great things that I absolutely love about social media are free sign-up, easy navigation, and more accessible contact with my fellow artists and potential art collectors. You can create an online profile to sell your arts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Apart from that, the easiest way to directly target your potential customers and be able to sell your art online is through eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or BigCommerce.

You can also create a traditional website to showcase your art online. In that case, you can sell your art according to the terms that best works for you and handle transactions privately.

How do I sell my art to “An All-In-One Platform”?

I keep on upgrading my method of reaching out to my audience. Along my way to building my dreams, I bumped into what they say as “an all-in-one platform” for artists and art collectors. I asked myself, “how do I sell my art to this new platform?”. But because I tend to get attracted to free sign-up offers, so I gave it a try. A marketplace focusing on buying and selling art online and being socially interactive by using its social media features, I am completely intrigued. I am still familiarizing myself with the techniques to utilize its unique features, and I hope that sooner, I can generate my first artroom24 sale.

Looking back, I’m so thankful that I believed in the art that I am able to create. Our option for a career is unlimited, and you are in charge of your choice. Look at how do I sell my art– I always bring my heart and mind all at the same time. Always remember that you only shine the brightest when you love what you are doing. So, if you are an artist taking the side to your arts, the best possible way to sustain your passion is to sell your arts.

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