Where Can I buy Bamboo Sheets?


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Until recent times it was customary for a bride-to-be to store up items for her trousseau. This would have included her wedding outfits and many things for her new home and married life. Sheets and pillowcases would have ranked high on the list to add to those often given as wedding gifts.

Cotton and linen were the most popular choices until more practical and pretty polyester or cotton mixes became widely available. Today, the choices for bedding have gone to another level and bamboo sheets with their soft, smooth, and silky texture are front runners in the popularity stakes.

Where to Buy Bamboo Sheets

This is a frequently asked question. The answer depends on what kind of bamboo material you are looking for. In general, bamboo sheets and bedding are available at all major online retail outlets as well as haberdashery shops and department stores. Specialist bedding shops may provide the best advice and high-quality choices. There is a vast selection of type and grade so here is a breakdown of the options:


Sheets come in a range of pure and blended fibers.

  • 100% bamboo rayon or viscose are semi-synthetic textiles manufactured from regenerated cellulose fiber. They are virtually identical and considered the finest materials produced from the wood pulp of various trees and plants including bamboo.
  • Bamboo blends include linen, cotton, and polyester.
  • 100% Bamboo lyocell. This is considered the most eco-friendly option.


Bamboo sheets also come in a choice of weaves.

  • Identifiable by the diagonal rib of the fabric.
  • A softer yarn with a silky appearance and feel.

Pros and Cons

Look for rayon/viscose sheets for the softest, smoothest quality product. The downside is the chemical process applied in the manufacturing process. The lyocell option limits the use of chemicals, uses less water, and is, therefore more environmentally friendly.

The blends may be more durable but also can pill and wrinkle more easily. Similarly, the sateen weave looks and feels good but is given to pilling and is less durable than the stronger twill fabric.

Other Considerations

As a potential buyer, you may also wish to consider such factors as price, sizes, and colors available and how easily they can be washed.

  • Prices are high compared to other fabrics but bamboo sheets are long-lasting to compensate for the initial outlay.
  • The sheets come in regular sizes – single/double, queen, or king size with the better brands offering twin xl bamboo sheets
  • Colors range from traditional white and ivory to shades of pink, blue, and grey in plain or striped pattern.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

Bamboo sheets should be washed as often as other fabrics. Twice a week is recommended in hot weather and once a week in winter but many other factors may make more frequent washing necessary. Some special care needs to be taken if you choose bamboo sheets.

Stains are difficult to remove and may need specialist cleaning if very soiled. Otherwise, the sheets can go in the washing machine on a gentle, cool eco cycle. The texture may appear rough after washing but drip-drying in the open air will restore the softness.


Bamboo sheets have many advantages. They are super soft and smooth, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. Plus they have a breathable, stretchy quality and the finest types are very durable. Bamboo bedding is on-trend at the moment with an increasing number of shops and stores making them readily available.


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