Popular Styles of Massage


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Massage has become a well accepted form of therapy for both physical and psychological ailments in today’s world, and has proven to be effective through various studies that have been carried out from everything from lower back pain, through to relieving stress and tension in those that use it. In this articl we look at some of the popular types of massage:

Swedish Massage

This form of massage therapy is the perfect way to get rid of muscle knots and to get a good relaxation session in. It’s a massage where the receiver is semi naked apart from underwear, and generally then a sheet is used to cover the client on the massage table. The massage usually lasts from between an hour to ninety minutes and is very popular in the western world particularly.

Hot Stone Massage

Another great massage for muscle aches and pains is the hot stone massage. The stones are heated and placed on different parts of the body to promote better circulation, induce relaxation and promote healing. A gentle pressure is applied to aid the masseur or masseuse during the session.

Aromatherapy Massage

One that is favoured by many healers and alternative therapists, is the ever-popular aromatherapy massage. With lots of nice scents and candles, this is said to be very much an emotional healing experience of a massage. Full body massage with different massage oils and scents depending on your ailment or requirement from the session. Again this type of massage will typically last 60 to ninety minutes depending on your choice of massage establishment.

Tantric Massage

Finally, for those that are looking for a true alternative massage treatment that is really catching on around the world then check out some relaxing tantric massage therapy at the hands of qualified tantric experts. This massage has different components involved that include your traditional massage, but also incorporates a lot of meditation, breathing techniques and yoga style stretching, which can be great for healing the mind, body and spirit as one entity. Those that use tantric massage on a regular often report a plethora of different benefits that include alleviating psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, through to really reducing stress levels and tension.

Each of the above massages have their own unique style and benefits. But what is common amongst all of the different massages, is that they can all offer some great natural benefits free from side effects that one might get from medication that is used to treat some of the same ailments.

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