8 Video Conferencing Apps to Meet From Anywhere



Travel, lack of time, conciliation of work and personal life. Problems of new entrepreneurs and of any manager with responsibility within the new business world.

How to take advantage of the time? Videoconferencing is a great solution to maximize your work time, so we present eight applications to be able to do them from computers and mobile devices.

The small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs today are not physically meet for lack of time and to save costs.

Thanks to new Logitech video conferencing, that provides a great help with their video conferencing products for meetings to be held over the Internet.


It is an app that allows you to make a video chat totally free. It offers the possibility of both sending and receiving messages and photos, individually or in a group of up to 300 people, as well as directly making a video call.

In addition, it allows calls to be national or international and all are free. The app is available for all devices, both for Smartphone with Android or iPhone system and also for tablets.


It is the program par excellence to speak for free from the computer. However, over the years it has increased its presence and is available for mobile devices, tablets, etc. It also allows group calls and chat. Downloading it is free from any device.


It is an application created by Google that consists of individual or group interactive conversations of up to 10 people. Allow you to share photos and messages with emoticons.

It allows you to resume conversations when you want and alerts are raised when someone has started a conversation.

It also allows you to go from a written conversation to a video call for free. It is now available in Google Play, iTunes App store and from the Gmail account on the PC.

Rounds Video

It is a free video chat to share all kinds of information with the interlocutor. You can play games, take photos, send them, watch videos, etc. while making the video call. You need an iOS 7.0 or later system.

Face Time

It is a feature that comes by default on the iPhone, without you having to set up a special account.

Its operation is simple, simply by inviting the contact, he will receive the call as a normal one and as soon as he accepts, the video call will begin. It’s free and only available on iPhone.


It is one of the star applications in downloads. It allows the exchange of messages with instant emoticons, voice calls now also free video calls

WebEx Meeting

It is a program with a use very focused on companies. You can organize meetings and even control computers remotely.

It offers different solutions for companies, such as training courses, technical problem solving, events, etc. the basic service is free, and the rest varies depending on the benefits between 19$ and 69$.

Valid for computer, Smartphone or tablet, and you only need an Internet connection. If you are going to use this application then you should try the products of Polycom video conferencing.


It is a computer program focused on business meetings. It allows the realization of professional videoconferences to have work meetings, business meetings, online events, distance training, etc.

It offers the possibility of renting the service, buying it, or acquiring vouchers for specific moments.

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