A Rising Hip-Hop Star Fa’shotime Continues To Bring Wave across the Internet



Fa’shotime- is one of the rising stars in the world of music. His real name is “Christopher Williamson”. He first blinks his eyes in 1987 in Kansas on the 11thh day of February. He was young when he has to move towards Marietta, Georgia. Here he and his other siblings were being raised by their mother.

As a lower age, he began to write stories that later on lead the Christopher Williamson aka Fa’shotime to write raps influence by Tupac, Twista, and Bone Thugs.

During the age when he goes to middle school, he became popular because of his soft and freestyle skills of fast rapping. All this does not end up here but also grows with him. He continued to do this even in high school.

In the year 2008, he goes to the new adventure toward Florida, and here he polishes his music skills and starts making his career. Then in 2011, he completely understands the major aspects of good music which include how to record and mix his music.

In 2017, he publically launched his song “Mirror with No Reflection” This song and another one earned him great popularity and fan following.

Career Development:

When someone got succeeded in his achievement, others feel like it came overnight. But the only person knows how much struggle he has to do? How many situations he has to face and how many failures try to drop him.

Fa’shotime nearly became a hip-hop music artist. He is not only limited as an artist but also a great inspiration and motivation for this young generation. By his music, he cut off the great selection of a group of people.

The work which he does expose the features of outstanding and talented people. Fa’shotime is one of the great music artists, who not only have this talent but also has several many other talents because he has a great implementation.

On his social accounts, like on Instagram, he has followers in thousands and increases with every passing day. That’s why many well-known brands all over the world want his aid for the promotion and publicity of their services and products.

If you visit the social profiles of Fa’shotime, you will be surely attracted by his videos, images, and songs. Now he became a brand and innovative content creator.

Fa’shotime is the USA music artist. Currently, he is working on the social issue of stereotype. He is going to break it with the help of his innovative music. He is an energetic, contagious, and happy person.

He chooses a different path to diminish the barriers; he tells stories, and sometimes he keeps quiet to please people.

Fa’shotime remixed his one of the famous Dax song “Faster” with another one song “Even Faster”. In this remix, you can how skilful person he is and how beautifully he impressed his fan by fast rapping skills.

His fans become impressed and captivated by his performance. Fa’shotime works very hard to participate in the bigger events of music all around the world and also around his community.

Instagram: @Fa’shotimemusic


YouTube: Fa’shotime


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