Why Interenet Security is important in USA?


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Websites that handle important information should be secure and protected at all times so that customers can easily navigate around them without worrying about getting hacked. Nowadays, it is widely common for websites to have HTTPS because internet users are highly concerned about the security of their data.

What is HTTPS?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and the additional ‘S’ stands for SSL which is Secure Sockets Layer. This particular technology encrypts your connection to a certain website so that hackers and other cybercriminals cannot intercept the information that you share on the website. HTTPS enhances the security of your website so that you deliver a safe and secure browsing experience to your customers.

The Importance of HTTPS

When you enable HTTPS on your website, it becomes easier for search engines to locate your website. Your website will rank better on search engine platforms if HTTPS is enabled on it. You will be able to generate more traffic on your page if your ranking is good. Moreover, your users will visit your website more often knowing that it is secure and protected from the criminals. The SSL will help prevent third parties from eavesdropping on your communication with your clients. This makes HTTPS important because if your website contains financial data like credit card information, you have to maintain a certain level of security to protect such valuable and crucial information.

SSL is Essential for AMP 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a technology that is used to make pages load instantly on mobile. Websites that are AMP ready have lightning bolt speed due to this particular technology. You should implement AMP on your website because users prefer websites that load quickly. In addition to this, with AMP, you can improve the ranking of your website on search engine platforms as well.

5 Major Reasons For Using HTTPS In Your Website

1.  Perception of Users

Google, a major search engine, has recently announced that it will mark all HTTP websites as not secure. Therefore, it is extremely important to implement the HTTPS protocol on your website to gain the confidence of your customers so that they can easily navigate around your site.

2.  Search Engine Optimization

Search engine platforms use HTTPS to rank websites. So, if you want to enhance the ranking of your website, you need to use HTTPS. The better ranking would bring more business to you because your potential customers will be able to find your website more conveniently. Moreover, websites that rank top in the list are considered to be trustworthy and reliable by the users.

3.  The Speed of the Page

You will notice a significant increase in the speed of your web pages after implementing HTTPS on your website. In the past, people believed that the encrypted connection was slow but now, it is an established fact that HTTPS improves the speed of your website. This makes your website more usable for the users because they do not have all day to wait for your pages to load. All the major websites running today have implemented this particular technology on their websites in order to facilitate the customers in the best way possible.

4.  The Security Aspect

Security is one of the major concerns for most of the internet users. Security is considered to be the most important reason for companies to use HTTPS on their websites because they want to protect their data from online criminals. HTTPS encrypts your connection to a certain website so that you can carry out your communications with complete privacy. In addition to this, HTTPS prevents the proxy from embedding content on your website such as advertising companies that post content on other websites.

5.  It’s Absolutely Free

Although this is not a strong reason for you to implement HTTPS in your website, it is still a good reason for not using it. If you can enhance the security of your website and get additional benefits then why not?

HTTPS used to be an expensive protocol but now you can get digital certificates for free. This certificate can be issued form the authorized authorities like Cloudflare CDN and Let’s Encrypt.


The latest technological advancements have made HTTPS much more attractive and economical than before. With high-speed web servers and fast CPUs, you can improve the mechanism and interface of your website and make it safer for the users as well. You can get the HTTPS certificate for your website for free so that search engines like Google can easily locate your website and make it visible for the users. This will help you generate more revenue because more people would be able to see your site.

For e-commerce websites that accept credit card payments, it is essential to get the HTTPS certificate because otherwise the customers would not feel safe and they will not make purchases from your website which will have a very bad impact on your business in the long run. HTTPS improves your digital sales revenue and takes it to another level by making your SEO game strong. Website security is becoming increasingly popular and nowadays, internet service providers like Spectrum also offer security suite packages in order to deliver a protected connection to the customers. You may call the spectrum support to get complete details regarding their security suite packages to make your connection encrypted from all sorts of threats.

Internet users demand privacy when they are browsing on the internet. This is where HTTPS steps in to save the day. Most of the companies around the globe use HTTPS as default because of its reputation to establish a secure connection. There was some resistance to use HTTPS because according to some people HTTPS made websites slower than before. However, this is not the case as you can test the speed of your web pages by running speed tests. The benefits of HTTPS go beyond website safety and security and therefore, it is a must-have for your own website.

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