How does Keyword Stuffing affect the overall SEO of a Page?


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Keyword Stuffing is the worst possible thing one can do to its brand. Keywords, both long-tailed and short, are considered a beneficial association to SEO services. But as we all know that overdoing anything will never procure desirable results. Keyword stuffing is no exception. Keyword stuffing is the term suggests when you are unnecessarily inserting keywords into your page or repeating a keyword several times to increase your SEO rank. This action basically has an immense effect on the overall SEO of a particular page, below are given the consequences of Keyword Stuffing:

Irritates the users:

Whenever a viewer comes to your page and finds continuous repetition of a single keyword like ‘good quality mobile phone charger’ or ‘big blue swimming tube’ etc. then as a reader it becomes very irritating. Like for instance if a page has a content passage like “we have a number of ‘stylish oxidised earrings’, if you have been looking for unique ‘stylish oxidised earrings’ then you are on the right place. We offer ‘stylish oxidised earrings’ at a very low price and the quality of our ‘stylish oxidised earrings’ is commendable.” As a reader, it becomes extremely boring and irritating, and he or she will tend to leave your page and might decide to not return back. This will, in turn, badly affect your SEO and will decrease your lead and sales.

Subjects to Penalty:

The most important section is the penalty. The most common thing that popular search engines avoid is spamming your page with unrelated words. Whenever you are putting in unrelated and unwanted keywords or repeating a potential one several times, Google comprehends that trick and tends to subject you to a search penalty, in other words, Google Penalty. A penalty, in this case, means Google will work to get rid of your page from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) once and for all. And getting bumped down by Google itself is just the most unfortunate thing that might happen to your brand page since this will fail your brand miserably.

Raises the bounce rates:

Next in line comes the increase in the number of the bounce rates due to keyword stuffing. When you are focusing only on keywords and shifting your attention from giving in the actual information to the readers, they become annoyed and tend to leave the page immediately. This operates to increase the percentage of your bounce rates basically. Bounce rates mean a number of people who have navigated only a single content of your page and left. Now with a hike in the number of cases, the SEO of the page is negatively affected. This, in return, might make you lose out on many a potential purchase.

Loses out engagement:

Always keep in mind that the entire setup is done for reaching out to users. Thus there involvement and engagement are of much necessity. As soon as you are adding in an extra word or words having no connection to your brand or products, users lose out on the page. Since they get vexed until they have the actual knowledge of your service, product and brand viewers tend to leave off the page immediately. This is because they fail to trust your brand. Since it’s your page and its designing, content, etc. which technically carries on the conversation in an initial stage before coming face to face with a human, thus be extremely tactful while placing keywords.


These are the four most fundamental issues that Keyword Stuffing creates on the SEO of a page. Though many might think that this works in advantages but in reality, it results in massive damages as stated. Keywords will result in profit only when they’re inserted properly.

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