Don’t Let a Slow WordPress Website Kill Your Traffic


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The success of your site depends on its good performance. Your site will perform well if its speed is very good.

The visitors will get frustrated if they do not get a quick response from your website or if the web pages load slowly. Your business can get hurt because of this.

If the systems are outdated or the hosting is of poor quality then this problem can arise. For increasing the speed of your website these issues should be resolved. Only then can productivity be increased and a good user experience can be provided.

Method of testing the speed of your WordPress website

Pingdom Tools should be used for testing the speed of your website. There is no need to pay money for using this tool. It helps in determining the time required for loading the pages of your site. For improving the results some suggestions can also be offered by this tool.

It has been found that most of the visitors wait only 2 seconds for loading of your website. Conversion rates are declined by 7 % if your site takes even 1 extra second to load. A 106 % increase in the bounce rate will be observed if there is 1-6 seconds increase in the loading time of a web page.

Reasons behind the slow speed of a WordPress site and how these can be fixed?

1.If so many plugins have been installed by you – A functional WordPress website can be built with the help of plugins. But you should know that your site can get hurt if a large number of plugins are used in it. The possibility of installing the number of plugins increases if your site is running for a longer time. Loading time of your site will increase if it has poorly coded or outdated plugins. A plugin known as page builders is a heavy plugin and if it has become outdated then it will make your web pages load slowly.

Therefore, it will be good if outdated plugins are cleaned out periodically. If you want to know about all the plugins whose performance has become very poor then you can identify these with the help of a plugin called Query Monitor.

2.If a cheap hosting plan is used by you – If your hosting plan is cheap then the speed of your WordPress site can be very low. It is possible that because of a low budget a cheap hosting plan is purchased by you. But it has to be upgraded when there is an increase in the storage needs of your website.

Another option is to use shared hosting. But there are some problems with using it. The response time can be lowered and server resources can be crowded because of this.

The performance of your site can be improved if you move to a hosting provider that fulfils most of your requirements.

3.If you do not compress images – People will always take interest in having a lot of high-quality images on their WordPress site. Because of this the server as well your site have to handle a large number of heavy files. The loading time of your web page will be lowered because of larger files.

The speed of your site can be improved if the images are optimized and for this it is necessary to compress the images. If you want that the image quality should not be reduced then you have to use lossless compression. By doing this the web page can load quickly.

A plugin known as TinyPNG can be used for compressing JPEG and PNG files.

4.If PHP’s outdated version is being used by you – Themes and plugins of your site need to be updated regularly. Only then your site will deliver optimal performance. But if PHP’s outdated version is being used by you then also the loading of your web page will take more time. Site speed can be increased if you use PHP’s latest version. The latest version of PHP will always be present in a hosting provider that is good and helps in meeting all your basic needs.

If you want to get a WordPress website with all the facilities of installation, configuration and customization then you should take the help of WordPress development services India.

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