Importance of the Expectant Dad’s Support For His Wife


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The expectant dad plays an equally important role as his wife during her pregnancy stage in ensuring that the baby is developing healthily in the mum’s womb. After the baby is born, the dad continues to play his important role especially during the child’s early development years.

One of the roles that he needs to perform well is to provide the necessary support for his wife during her 40 weeks of pregnancy. The support that expectant dad provides for his wife is important for her as it helps her to better cope with the various physical, mental and emotional changes that she experiences at the different stages in her pregnancy. It also better help her cope with the stress and anxiety of having a healthy baby and safe in her womb and being a good mum after the baby is born.

There are various supports that the expectant dad can give to his wife. The first and foremost supports that he provides is to ensure that the home environment is conducive for the baby’s growth. He needs to create a healthy home that is free from toxic substances and is accident proof. He needs to create a cosy and peaceful environment so that his wife can be in a good mental and emotional state. In addition, he must also be considerate and understanding towards his wife and try not to get into unnecessary fights and arguments with his wife so as not to affect her emotional state.

The second important support is to ensure or prepare nutritious and healthy meals so that his wife and baby get the required nourishment. Consuming the right amount of nutrients is vital for the baby’s healthy growth not just in the womb but for the baby’s health state after the baby is born.

Thirdly, accompanying his wife for her gynaecologist’s visits is another important support. During these visits, he can also help his wife remember the gynaecologist’s sharing session about the baby’s development and help to raise questions to clarify with the gynaecologist when in doubt. Going for visits as a couple and witnessing their baby’s growth first-hand via the ultrasound scans will strengthen their bond as a couple and with the baby.

Besides accompanying his wife for her gynaecologist’s visits, the fourth support is to attend the expectant parents’ classes together with his wife, to better prepare for their parenthood roles as a couple. The classes are especially useful for the first-time parents as they learn the parenting tasks in a structured environment and in modular form.

The last important support is to foster the bond with the baby even when the baby is in the mum’s womb. The baby’s sense of hearing is already developing as each day goes by in the womb, hence by talking to the baby enables the baby to identify and feel a sense of closeness to the parents, which will follow the baby through after the baby is born.

Getting the sufficient support listed above from the expectant dad makes his wife’s pregnancy experience a more enjoyable one.

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